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heat pump guide

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A range of air heat pumps, air-conditioning systems, swimming pool heat pumps, and industrial heaters.

At Saturn Sales we pride ourselves on offering knowledgeable information, exceptional customer services and competitive prices. With a wide range of heating and cooling products and associated products for sale, we always aim to make sure every customer not only receives something perfectly suited for them but also has a great experience with us.

Prices Include VAT

heat pump guide

Air-Conditioning / Heat Pump Systems
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Standard range of high wall-mounted systems. Ideal for residential and small to medium sized business installations. Particularly popular for home and garden offices / studios. Also available as a low wall / floor mounted option.
  • Panasonic - Two very popular high wall-mounted ranges are the Etherea, which have an excellent air filtration system (for those that struggle with air-born irritants), and the TZ Super Compact, which are ideal for small rooms due to their smaller size dimensions.
  • Daikin - Regarded by many as 'top of the range'.  They do manufacture an economy model, but the Emura and Stylish ranges look excellent - but you do have to have a budget to match !!
  • Multi-Systems - very popular when wanting to heat or cool a number of rooms, as all indoor units are powered by just one outdoor unit.  Produced by all of the major manufacturers, with varying price structures dependent upon budget.
Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

These systems are becoming more popular as a means of both heating and hot water, particularly in new builds, but also in areas of the UK where gas supplies are limited / non-existent.  They can be used to heat radiators and/or underfloor heating, coupled with providing a supply of hot water linked to the capacity of the attached water cylinder.  The two most popular models are:
Swimming Pool Heat Pumps
Air Conditioning Systems

Are you struggling to decide which system best suits your home or business premises?  Are you confused by all of the different models?  Do you have a specified budget to work to?  Do you need further assistance on the type and size of system to install?  Then call us today and we will be only too happy to help and advise.  We sell a large range of systems from most of the major manufacturers, with delivery usually within 2 to 3 days from placing the order.  We are happy to talk through the various designs with you, to ensure that you make right choice before you buy.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Here at Saturn Sales, we take pride in offering the best choices in air source heat pumps, coupled with excellent customer service. We have air source heat pumps for domestic and commercial properties alike, in a range of styles and boasting a range of features. So, whatever your needs, why not let us cater for them?


When it comes to buying dehumidifiers, you’ll want to be sure that your investment is one which is functional, reliable and of top quality - and this is precisely what we provide. We ensure that we offer only the very best in dehumidifiers, so whether you need something for the home or for the office, head to us.

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

With such a superb selection of pool heat pumps here at Saturn Sales, whether you’re looking for a 7kw or a 30kw pump, look no further. We aim to not only provide some of best swimming pool heat pumps around, but we also aim to provide an unrivalled level of technical customer service, so call us today to discuss your needs.