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heat pump guide

11 May 2012

Hello the world Captain Scarlet here. You need to be of a certain age to appreciate the said captain, in the days when TV was far simpler. From memory the Mysterons consisted of someone shining a torch on to a plain background to give the scary effect of the unseen force, well it scared me anyway. Of course these were the days when the biggest possible telly you could get was 22” and if you wanted remote control that would consist of someone with a long stick, pushing the chunky buttons on the front of the telly from the sofa.

Going off on a complete tangent we have some good news people, we have started selling the Broughton range of fans (those things that blow air out), yes I can see you’re falling over with excitement. As we’ve said before we like the boys and girls at Broughton as there down to earth types and a British company that actually makes something in this country. Now these are not some “Big Girls Blouse” types of fan, but well engineered things with lots of oomph. The range starts at the Broughton MB30 model, right up to the MB2000 Unit. So if you have a cooling or ventilation requirement take a look at these models.

Good Bye -Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.