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heat pump guide

11th March 2020

SATURN SALES wishes all our valued customers a very Spring. With the abrupt changes in the weather our homes and commercial properties require heating and cooling systems which can adapt quickly to these changes of temperatures.  With this in mind, the Daikin FTXP25M wall mounted air heat pump offers highly efficient heating and cooling and will even offer heating down to low outside air temperatures down to -15 degrees centigrade. All functions are fully controllable via the hand held controller; there is also an optional Wi-Fi module that can be used with this system to provide remote control of the system. If you need to provide cost effective heating and cooling for rooms up to 25 square metres in size the Daikin FTXP25M is a good option.
TheLG MU4R27.U44 outdoor multi heat pump and air conditioner outdoor unit uses the latest inverter electronic control to give A++ rated energy efficiency in both heating and cooling mode. You can have up to 4 indoor units fitted to it, the indoor units being the LG’s stylish Standard Plus indoor wall mounted units. These indoor units have 4 operating functions which are heating, air conditioning, dehumidification and fan only mode to provide year round climate control. We also have full fitting kits available for these systems. Each indoor unit comes with its own fully functional controller with the added options of a fixed wall controller with Wi-Fi connectivity also available. The LG outdoor units have a gold fin coating to ensure long life anti-corrosion protection.
The Fujitsu Low Wall Mounted Air Conditioner –Heat Pump, AGYG09LVCA, has "A" class energy efficiency rating so these units are full heat pump and air conditioning models with the ability to heat and cool. The indoor unit has exceptionally low noise levels and comes complete with long life negative Ion deodorisation filters. It incorporates two fans and, on start-up, air is supplied through both the top and bottom of the unit. Once the desired temperature has been achieved, the lower fan stops and air continues to be supplied via the top only.
The new stylish Stylist model from LG, GO9WL.NS3 offers a heat pump and air conditioner that is completely different to anything else on the market. This Stylist indoor unit is only 121mm in depth and offers soft airflow from 3 sides, be it in heating or cooling mode. The stylish controller offers full control of the system including setting different LED mood lighting settings from the LED lights built into the indoor unit. If you want a stylish and contemporary heat pump and air conditioner take a look at the LG Stylist models.
In addition to these offer items, we sell a large range of systems from these firms and other major manufacturers, with delivery usually within 2 to 3 days from placing the order. We are happy to talk through the designs with you, to ensure that you make the best choice for your requirements.