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heat pump guide

13 January 2014

Happy (belated) New Year.  Although we are not suffering with flooding where we are we are definitely feeling the cold winds.  So let me remind you of some nice ways to keep warm....  Christmas jumpers are out but nothing to stop you wearing your Onesie, or thermals and lots of layers, or log fires.  Well all of the above are great ideas if you are at home but it could be a tad awkward explaining to the boss why you are wearing your onesie in the office, workshop or warehouse!!!  Well a few of our suppliers offer a great range of fan heaters that saves any fashion faux pas at work.

Broughton heaters are British designed & manufactured and even offer an impressive 2 year warranty (compared to average 1 year elsewhere).  We stock a wide range of their heaters with a price range of £226 (FF12 fan heater) right through to £5998 (FF80).

Clarke International offers a good range also and these are a lot “lighter on the wallet”, their devil fan heater range starts at £59.90 (6002) right through to £190.00 for the Devil 615 fan heater. Clarke also offer a range of Propane Gas heaters and they range from £95.00 (little devil) up to £565 (Devil 3150).