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heat pump guide

15th February 2013

Hello fans of our blog, here we are once again and it’s Friday. Britain’s most popular dish will be bought in its millions no doubt tonight (Chicken Tikka Masala) a nice bottle plonk, and the hire of a video to watch on telly. As you can see I am off a certain age and remember that ritual. I bet Blockbuster wishes we are still in the age of going out to hire videos. They say its all progress but from experience ask an under 30 to navigate around Britain without a Satnav, and they wouldn’t have a clue (No Reading is not next to Inverness)

Anyway enough of this, I’m not here to waffle but to try and persuade you lot to buy some of our tantalising heat pump and air conditioning products. Yes its exciting I know. Now if you have one of those glass things bolted to the side of your house you might be interested in this offering, the Fujitsu AGYF09LA floor mounted air conditioner and heat pump. Not only will it keep the glass thing bolted to the side of your house warm in winter, but it can also cool when you have the one day of summer due in 2013.

This week’s romantic tip! Never forget valentines again, why not invest in 12 plastic red roses. After the great event just store them in the loft and a quick hose down each year. This marvellous annual gift is sure to endear you to your beloved.