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heat pump guide

17Th April, 2012

Hello the world, well we have had a bit of a break with regards the blog so its time to restart and let the world know about what has been going on in the empire again. As always we shall try and keep this light hearted and not drone on just about air source heat pumps etc. My good lady thinks it’s a subject populated by the same people who stand on the end of the platform at Birmingham New Street, with a notebook (well what does she know), luckily she isn’t an avid reader of the pulsating drama that is our blog.
One thing we might do in the future is have a top 10 of the best sellers at different times of the year. A top of the pops for air conditioning and heat pumps, well that sounds exciting. Our best seller at the moment has to be the range of swimming pool heat pumps. You can understand why as you’re generally not going to buy one in October at the end of the season. For you lucky people that have a swimming pool it’s certainly the cheapest way of heating one, unless of course your hardcore and want to use it without heating.

Good Bye -Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.