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heat pump guide

19th February 2016

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Do you own a property abroad?
Does it have a swimming pool?
Are you looking to install / upgrade your pool heat pump?

Spring is just around the corner, and so now is the time to plan installing a new heat pump, or replacing a failing one, especially if you rent out your property.  You will need your pool to be properly heated before the main season begins in April/May.

We can supply heat pumps from HydroPro which come in three ranges: Eco, Standard and Premium+.  All HydroPro heat pumps are guaranteed for 2 years, and we ship at very reasonable rates to Western Europe. 

The Eco range are solely for use in above-ground pools, with usage from June to September.

The Standard range are for under-ground pools that are used between April and October. 

The Premium+ range are for under-ground that are used throughout the year.

If you need further advice then please call us on 0161-485-5588 and ask for John or Howard.