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heat pump guide

1 May 2012

You always know in good old blighty once they say were in a drought it's not going to stop raining. It's certainly been the case for April this year, well I suppose it would be a bit boring if the sun shines every day, if only I here you say. Obviously were here to try and persuade you to buy millions of pounds of our marvellous goods so one thing you might want to consider is one of our wall mounted heat pumps and air conditioners. So where might one stick this marvel of modern technology, steady sailor. Well those glass things that us Brits like to bolt to the side of the house, yes the conservatory are ideal living spaces for an air source heat pump and air conditioner. You can heat and cool cheaply to your hearts content, so you can use your glass room all year round.

Good Bye -Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.