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heat pump guide

20th November 2017

Saturnsales have received queries about Swimming Pool Heating which might sound strange for the time of year but it is really something worth thinking about, especially if you desire to keep fit all year round and to make full use of your swimming pool at any time without being dependent upon the weather.

Saturnsales have been pleased with the Hydro-Pro range which offers Eco heaters for above-ground pools and most suited for summer use whilst the Hydro-Pro Standard range is for below-ground pools which for the hardy person operates down to -5 degrees for enjoyment through the summer until October. For year-round use the Hydro-Pro Premium+ range are for below-ground pools which suits temperature changes down to -10 degrees! These all come in different models to suit various sized swimming pools.

Saturnsales are also pleased with Dura Swimming Pool Heat pumps which are manufactured by Duratech, and are thought of as being the top of the market range. Dura offers the Eco heaters for above-ground pools, the Standard which covers temperature changes down to -5 degrees whilst the  Dura+ covers all-year round pool use down to –ten degrees. Dura is an European manufacturer so is very suitable for use in Europe and has a very reliable reputation.

Both Hydro-Pro and Dura have two-year warranties. We are confident that with the support of our experienced Saturnsales team, our knowledge of Swimming Pool installation options, electrical and water connections,pumps and filters, you can be assured that we will do our very best to assist you in your choice.