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heat pump guide

26th March 2015

Calling all swimming pool owners !!

Yes, it's the time of the year again when you start thinking about your swimming pool, whether it be located in the UK or at your overseas property.  No doubt you will soon be taking the covers off the garden pool, or visiting your second home to 'open up' for the summer season.  Maybe your pool does not already have a heat pump, or your existing heat pump needs replacing.

Saturn Sales offer a number of alternatives from the Hydropro range of swimming pool heat pumps, with the standard versions having the ability to heat from spring to late autumn, and the premium models being able to heat all year round irrespective of the outdoor temperature.

Please click on the highlighted link above to visit the Hydrpro range.  If you require any assistance in selecting the correct model, or any advice on installation, then please call us on 0845-026-7796 and ask for John.