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heat pump guide

2nd November 2018

Saturn sales staff are enjoying this warm weather after experiencing the cold spell we have just had. We supply air conditioning heating which has the benefit that the systems are also used to cool a home or office accommodation. The best of both worlds really! The Fujitsu range has the Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Heat Pump which comprises of an outdoor unit, indoor unit and remote controller. All models are high efficiency inverter pumps which use R410A environmentally friendly refrigerant and have a 3-year parts warranty. Prices start from £533.00.  These systems are ideal for applications such as bedrooms and conservatories, shops, clubs and other light commercial applications. The Fujitsu inverter wall mounted systems are at the cutting edge of air conditioning technology. Very few manufacturers achieve the energy efficiency of these Fujitsu models, coupled to ultra quiet operation.
The Fujitsu Premium Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Heat Pump has a  slimline design and a powerful operation.  The system can operate for 20 minutes continuously at maximum air flow and compressor speed, ensuring the room is cooled or heated more quickly.  It includes a weekly timer facility, and ON/OFF can be set up to four times a day. Starting at £692.00 it offers exceptional value for money.
The Fujitsu High Efficiency Heat Pump Air Conditioning is newly developed with two new wall mounted heat pump models the 2.5kw ASYG09LTCA model and the 3.5kw ASYG12LTCA model specifically designed for excellent heating performance down to an outside air temperature of -20°c. This is achieved by improvements to the control of the compressor over all operating ranges and introducing a high density heat exchanger to the indoor unit.  
These improvements mean that you will get the full heat output out of the system even down to an outside air temperature of -7°c. The stylish indoor unit also has a full programmable 7 day timer built into the hand held controller. Another feature unique to the Fujitsu models if the 10°c button, this allows you to set the temperature for 48 hours not to go below this point. These new models from Fujitsu are some of the best in class for their heating performance. As they are full reverse cycle heat pumps they can also provide cooling in the summer if required. Great value, starting at £819.00.
All the systems have a guarantee. Saturn sales provides a full fitting kit, together with a comprehensive fitting instruction book.  Our technical team are available to assist with fitting advice.