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heat pump guide

30th November, 2011

Attention all Business Owners and Managers,

Are you ready, are you really ready....for the onset of winter next week ?  After one of the mildest Novembers on record, December is going to start with a chilly spell if all of the weather girls are to be believed.  If your office, warehouse or other business premises are a bit on the cold side this week, then your workers are going to be knocking on your door next week !!  You could, of course, purchase corporate thermal underwear, complete with company logo, but wouldn't it be easier to order some extra form of heating ?

This is where we come in.  We sell all manner of heating systems: air-to-air heat pumps, all forms of industrial heaters to cater for most sizes of business premises, and the quintessentially English range of cast iron stoves and wood burners.  Most systems, heaters and stoves are available for delivery within 2 to 3 working days, with free delivery to a mainland UK address.