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5th August, 2011

Well, hello there bloggers.  We apologise for being a bit quiet on the blog for the last few months, but we have been beavering away selling air conditioning systems during one of our busy periods, the English 'summer' !!  Although it has been relatively warm in the south of the UK for the last few weeks, we have generally had another mediocre summer on the whole.

The writer has just returned from a 10 day break at a villa in Spain where the cheapo, non-market name aircon system broke down after 2 days.  Which just goes to show that you should always fit a trusted system from recognised brand names such as Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, LG, whether the installation is in the UK or abroad.  We supply all of these makes throughout the UK and Europe, and we also undertake installations in the mainland UK.

There are currently some very good offers on Panasonic systems, a name you can trust for quality and after-sales service.  They really are a steal at the current prices.  Have a browse through our website, or give us a call if you require any further information or advice.  We have also just launched a new range of dehumidifiers to cater for all room sizes, so again, have a peek at the website for further information.

Our main office in Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire is about to move to new premises, albeit on the same site.  The new set up will include a small showroom where customers can come along and have a look at some of the systems to help in their decision-making process.  We will be able to demonstrate the many benefits, and let prospective customers 'have a go' with the remote !!  So if you are passing the Cheshire area, key SK8 6PT into your SatNav and come and have a browse.  We may even give you a coffee and a biscuit if you're lucky.

OK, the MD reckons that I've waffled on for too long now, and I have to do some proper work.  I'll let you know how the new office is coming along in a few weeks' time.


Howard  (a.k.a. Office Manager, Salesman, Accounts Clerk, Post Clerk, Blogger and Tea/Coffee expert).