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31st January 2024 - Air Conditioning Tech

January 2024 Blog

A bit late we know but Happy New Year and we hope you’ve all managed to stay safe and well with the stormy January weather.

I can guarantee that most of us got some gadget or piece of tech for Christmas, and I just wanted to let you know that the Air Heat Pump Industry is no exception when it comes to technology.

As you would expect in this day and age all the larger and reputable manufacturers that we deal with have built in Wi-Fi on their latest models. However, even if you’ve had your unit for some time, it’s worth having a look at the Wi-Fi Adaptors that we stock as they might be compatible with your existing system, and you could take control via your smartphone or tablet.

Just look at our website to find out which ones we have in stock, and, as with nearly all the products we sell you can find out more info and about compatibility on the PDF Manufacturers Brochure’s that are attached.