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Daikin Emura FTXJ50MW Wall Inverter Heat Pump

Daikin Emura Inverter Air Conditioning FTXJ50MS

Daikin FCAG125B Active Range Inverter Cassette
Daikin 3MXM52N Outdoor Unit - 3 Emura Indoor Units
3MXM52N Outdoor Unit - 3 Indoor Units:
Flared Pipe Kit For - Indoor Unit 1:
Flared Pipe Kit For - Indoor Unit 2:
Flared Pipe Kit For - Indoor Unit 3:
Daikin FTXJ20MS Emura Wall Air Conditioner

Daikin FTXM20N Wall Mounted Heat Pump - Air Conditioning

Daikin FCAG140B Roundflow Cassette System

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A range of air heat pumps, air-conditioning systems, swimming pool heat pumps, and industrial heaters.
We are pleased to announce our new partnership with to compliment our existing installation teams. We have worked with ac-air for many years, their quality of workmanship is second to none. Our partner company provides installation services in the following areas:  Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Herefordshire, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Worcestershire. If you require an air conditioning – heat pump installation in these areas why not give us a ring or contact directly today.

Daikin Air Conditioning - Heat Pumps

Daikin Air conditioning is a brand that has been associated with innovation for many years now. When it comes to the cooling and heating of an indoor commercial, industrial or residential environment, there are a range of top quality Daikin air conditioning units which are up to the task. These wall mounted Daikin air conditioners boast a number of excellent features and have been designed to work quietly in the background while efficiently filtering the air in both high and low temperature climates. So be sure to take a look at the many Daikin heat pumps and air con products we have here at Saturn Sales. Daikin were at the forefront of the changeover in moving all their air conditioning and heat pump products to R32 refrigerant gas, this refrigerant having a much lower global warming potential compared to earlier refrigerant gases. The wall mounted ranges of air conditioners and heat pumps from Daikin start with the economy range which start with the Daikin FTXP20M wall mounted system ideal for smaller premises and include the FTXP25M and FTXP35M models ideal for typical sized business premises. Each system comprises the indoor wall unit with controller and the outdoor unit, and just to remind you all these systems are inverter driven full reverse cycle heat pumps that offer year-round climate control. The standard range models all now have wi-fi included to enable the Daikin app to be downloaded and the system controlled via a smartphone. If you are looking for a very stylish looking high wall mounted air conditioner system, the award-winning Daikin Emura range fits the bill. These indoor units have a curved front panel, built in wi-fi and advanced filtration for optimum air quality in the room it is providing climate control to. The Daikin Emura range is available with either white or silver styled indoor units with the most popular model being the Emura model FTXJ35MW. Another new range is the Stylish models which are available in either white, silver and blackwood.