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Clarke 1600 Propane Gas Heater
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A range of air heat pumps, air-conditioning systems, swimming pool heat pumps, and industrial heaters.
Covid19 – With the present UK and global situation as you can appreciate the health of the population and our employees is our most important consideration. As a business we are still operational for online orders however our standard next day delivery service will now be 1-3 days. We shall keep constantly monitoring the situation and let you know of any changes regards our business situation that we need to make.

Industrial – Commercial Heating

Our range of industrial heaters are designed for heating areas such as workshops, garages, industrial units and factories. Our range of heaters covers every type of heating requirement from the smallest workshop to the largest factory space. We sell industrial electric fan heaters from 3kw up to 42kw of heat output. Our range of halogen infra red heaters are perfect for spot heating areas, and because the heat is via infra red light waves they are not affected by draughts or wind. Another option you might like to consider in our industrial heaters range, is our paraffin and diesel fired space heaters. These offer high output heat levels in large open areas that have adequate ventilation. With a vast range of industrial and commercial heaters available why not give us a ring, and we can talk you through the various options that are available. 0845 026 7796

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Electric Fan Heaters
Super Giant 42Kw Industrial Fan Heater - FF42
FF42 Heater Options:
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Broughton FFHT32 - 18Kw Heater
Blue Giant FF13 Industrial Fan Heater - 13.9Kw
Blue Giant FF13 415V Heater:
Flexible Ducting 10 Metres:
Remote Thermostat:

Broughton IFH22 22kw Electric Fan Heater
Clarke Devil 7015 Fan Heater
Clarke Devil 7015 - 15Kw Heater:
AvailabilityUsually ships in 24 hours

Broughton IFH15 15kw Electric Fan Heater
Clarke Devil 6015 Industrial 15Kw Fan Heater - 3 Phase
Clarke Devil 6015 -15Kw Heater:
AvailabilityUsually ships in 24 hours

Clarke 7009 Fan Heater
Clarke Devil 7009 - 9Kw Heater:
AvailabilityUsually ships in 24 hours

Blue Giant FF3 - 3Kw Fan Heater
Blue Giant FF3 Industrial Fan Heater :
Flexible Ducting 200mm Diameter:
Remote Thermostat:

Clarke 6009 Industrial 9Kw Fan Heater 3 Phase
Clarke Devil 6009 - 9Kw Heater:
AvailabilityUsually ships in 24 hours

Broughton IFH9 9kw Electric Fan Heater
Clarke Devil 6005 Industrial 5Kw Fan Heater - 3 Phase
Clarke Devil 6005 - 5Kw Heater:
AvailabilityUsually ships in 24 hours