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Clarke 1600 Propane Gas Heater
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A range of air heat pumps, air-conditioning systems, swimming pool heat pumps, and industrial heaters.
We are pleased to announce our new partnership with to compliment our existing installation teams. We have worked with ac-air for many years, their quality of workmanship is second to none. Our partner company provides installation services in the following areas:  Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Herefordshire, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Worcestershire. If you require an air conditioning – heat pump installation in these areas why not give us a ring or contact directly today.

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Electric Fan Heaters
Blue Giant FF3 - 3Kw Fan Heater
Blue Giant FF3 Industrial Fan Heater :
Flexible Ducting 200mm Diameter:
Remote Thermostat:

Clarke Devil 6005 Industrial 5Kw Fan Heater - 3 Phase
Clarke Devil 6005 - 5Kw Heater:
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Clarke 6009 Industrial 9Kw Fan Heater 3 Phase
Clarke Devil 6009 - 9Kw Heater:
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Clarke 7009 Fan Heater
Clarke Devil 7009 - 9Kw Heater:

Clarke Devil 6015 Industrial 15Kw Fan Heater - 3 Phase
Clarke Devil 6015 -15Kw Heater:
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Clarke Devil 7015 Fan Heater
Clarke Devil 7015 - 15Kw Heater:

Broughton IFH22 22kw Electric Fan Heater
Blue Giant FF13 Industrial Fan Heater - 13.9Kw
Blue Giant FF13 415V Heater:
Flexible Ducting 10 Metres:
Remote Thermostat:

Broughton FFHT32 - 18Kw Heater
Super Giant 42Kw Industrial Fan Heater - FF42
FF42 Heater Options:
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AvailabilityUsually ships in 24 hours