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heat pump guide

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We sell a range of air heat pumps, air-conditioning systems, swimming pool heat pumps, and industrial heaters. 

Mitsubishi MSZ-FH Inverter Heat Pumps

The MSZ-FH series inverter heat pumps are designed to give excellent heating outputs at low temperatures. If you require a wall mounted model primarily for its heating capabilities these two models are seriously worth considering. There are two models to choose from the MSZ-FH25VE heat pump model has a cop value of 5.33 with the slightly larger inverter heat pump model the MSZ-FH35VE having a cop value of 4.76. Both models ere engineered to operate in cold climates down to an outside air temperature of -25°c. The design of the compressor gives up to 30% more heating power compared to the standard models. Another big plus with these units is the design of the indoor fan motor unit,  which gives them an extremely quiet running indoor unit.

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