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heat pump guide

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We sell a range of air heat pumps, air-conditioning systems, swimming pool heat pumps, and industrial heaters.

Mitsubishi Electric Multi Outdoor Unit - MXZ-2F33VF, MXZ-2F42VF, MXZ-3F54VF, MXZ-4F72VF, MXZ-4E83VA

Mitsubishi Electric’s new range of multi outdoor condenser units can be connected with between two to six indoor units of varying types of styles including high wall, low wall, ducted and cassette types. These multi outdoor units are full reverse cycle heat pumps and hence can provide full year heating and cooling to properties. The range starts with the MXZ-2F33VF that can have two indoor units fitted to it with the MXZ-2F42VF the next sizes model up. Each indoor unit can be set to control at a different temperature with its own hand held remote. Main modes for these systems are heating, cooling (air conditioning) and dehumidification. If you require three indoor units running of one outdoor condenser unit look at the Mitsubishi MXZ-3F54VF model which can have a variety of kilowatt output indoor units fitted to it. Most models including the MXZ-4F72VF unit now use the new R32 refrigerant gas which offers improved performance and has a lower global warming potential and is hence better for the environment.
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