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heat pump guide

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We sell a range of air heat pumps, air-conditioning systems, swimming pool heat pumps, and industrial heaters.

Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan

The Zubadan range of heat pumps from Mitsubishi Electric are designed to give their fully rated heating output down to -15°c. With their use of refrigerant flash injection technology heating output is obtainable down to a temperature of -25°c which surpasses all other heat pumps. Other key features of the Zubadan range is their quick start up cycle to full heating output at low temperatures. The Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan range of units start at a nominal output of 7.1kw up to the largest unit presently available in the UK market of 12.5Kw. The outdoor Zubadan condenser units can be used in conjunction with a number of types of indoor units.

The Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan range is at the forefront of heat pump design with its unrivalled technology allowing the system to operate continuously in heating for extended periods of time at low outside temperatures. All heat pumps need to go into defrost mode when  in heating but that flash injection technology incorporated in the Zubadan design ensures that this period is as short as possible, so the system can resume heating operation as quickly as possible.

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