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A range of air heat pumps, air-conditioning systems, swimming pool heat pumps, and industrial heaters.

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Panasonic Aquarea A2W Heat Pumps

The Panasonic Aquarea series of air to water heat pumps offer class leading energy efficiencies and are suited to a wide range of residential applications. These heat pumps can offer heating and domestic hot water to fully satisfy household needs, and will operate down to an outside air temperature of minus 20 degrees centigrade, making them ideal for use in the UK. The Panasonic Aquarea is one of the largest ranges of any heat pumps by any manufacturer, backed by the technical expertise of the Panasonic name. The range includes the T-Cap models that will give you the stated energy efficiency rating down to temperatures of 15*c. The high temperature range of Aquarea heat pumps also offer the ability to heat water to 65*c, thus allowing them to be used directly with radiators rather than under floor heating. Other flexible features include full connectivity with roof solar panel systems, that allow both to work together to produce hot water. See below our range of Panasonic Aquarea Air to Water Heat Pump models.
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Aquarea - Air To Water
Aquarea PAW-AAIR-900-2 Radiator