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Hydro-Pro 7 Swimming Pool Heat Pump
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Swimming Pool Water Pump SS 033

Mega SB30 Pool Water Pump

Tigershark Robot PVC Swimming Pool Cleaner
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We sell a range of air heat pumps, air-conditioning systems, swimming pool heat pumps, and industrial heaters.

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps - Accessories

At Saturn Sales we supply the latest in swimming pool heat pumps from industry leaders like Hydropro and Dura. Pool heat pumps offer a reliable and much more cost effective way of heating your swimming pool. Numerous models are available, some like the Hydropro premium range are designed to be used all the year round and come with high energy efficiency ratings. These premium models have the ability to work at a much lower outside air temperature and a have a higher Coefficient of Performance too. The Hydropro standard range swimming pool heat pumps are our biggest selling range. We can help you select the right swimming pool heat pump from this model range to suit your swimming pool. All Hydropro models come with a 2 year guarantee, with good spares back up. These pool heat pumps are designed in Europe to give optimum performance in the UK climate. We also sell a full range of swimming pool water pumps, filters, pool lighting and cleaning accessories.

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Solar Heating - Heat Exchangers
Pathlen Titan Heat Exchanger

Pool Water Pipe - Accessories
Swimming Pool Water Pipe 1.5" - 1.5 Metres Length
Water Pipe:
Swimming Pool Flexible Water Pipe - 38mm
Flexible Hose:
Straight Hose Connector 38mm
ABS Elbow 90° - 1.5 Inch
ABS Elbow 45° - 1.5 Inch
ABS Glue Socket 1.5"
ABS Union Coupler - 1.5"
ABS Tee Piece - 1.5"
Ball Valve - ABS 1.5"
Metric Shim 50MM
Griffon PVC Glue
PVC Socket Vacuum Hose