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heat pump guide

As well as Manchester, London is the second office we have that offers support for our high quality, branded heating and cooling units. These products are sourced directly from manufacturers such as Toshiba, Samsung, LG, Panasonic etc., ensuring that you get only the best available on the market.

The products range from Air to Water heat pumps, Air to Air heat pumps and humidifiers, to various air-conditioning units to meet your residential or commercial needs. These products are backed by our five year no-quibble guarantee on the installation, which means that you can rest assured that you get quality all the way.

As with our Manchester store, when it comes to air-conditioning London our office has well-trained, highly skilled qualified technicians. They will help you and guide you through your decision to purchase, and subsequent installation of one of our units. Their experience will help you to buy the most appropriate unit for your particular needs and will provide you with excellent service right through – from the purchase and installation of the unit to any after sales service that you may require.

How can we offer this kind of service so confidently? What does it cost you?

Saturn Sales prides itself on its quality, so we source our products from only the best, most reputable manufacturers. All our technicians are sent on the manufacturer’s training courses to ensure that they are able to expertly and professionally install and maintain any of the units that you may purchase. This service comes at no extra cost to you.

All the air-conditioning and heat pump systems are high quality from to manufacturers. Because they are purchased directly from the manufacturers, you save on costs. We then offer you the most affordable prices on the market, backed by our unrivaled 3 year guarantee. You’ll never want air-conditioning or heat pump systems from anybody else.