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heat pump guide

April 19 2010

Simon's a happy boy - Our new engineer Simon is a happy chap having bought him a Sat Nav he’s now happy to conquer the roads of Britain with the reassuring tones of the little lady in the plastic box on the dashboard. Now then some of us of a certain generation remember doing geography at school and learning about yak farming in the Himalayas and where Skegness is. (First person to tell me where Skegness is gets 10% of an install)It seems these days though it is not a pre-requisite to know where you're going as long as you have the lady in the little plastic box telling you.

Well Simon has put his new toy to good use, thought we would start by not scaring him to much and keeping him close our international headquarters in Manchester (Well we quite like it). As we go to press though Simon has ventured to such exotic locations as Colchester for the fitting of some multioutput heat pump systems and to Bushey in Herts for the fitting of our ever popular Mitsubishi Hyper inverter systems. In fact we've even had a customer in France asking if we can install some systems air conditioning heat pumps their. Now obviously it would be un-professional of us to let Simon loose in France to be corrupted by red wine and mademoiselles, so the blog master reserves the right to go on that one.