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5th May 2022 - Pool Heat Pumps

Saturn Sales staff are looking forward to the May Bank Holidays and the four-day Bank Holiday to celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee and thinking about what the weather will be like! Whatever the British Weather gives us won’t make any difference for people who have outdoor swimming pools because Saturn Sales provides a comprehensive range of Hydro-Pro Swimming Pool Heaters! Swimming pool heat pumps come in a variety of prices to suit every pocket, from the Hydro-S Eco range, the Standard range and the Inverter range.

The Eco A3/32 pool heat pump very economically heats pools up to 10 cubic metres (10000 litres) from May to end of August but are not suitable for colder temperatures in autumn and winter. For these months we would recommend the standard “P” series models which uses the newest environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant and includes a digital controller.

In the Standard range we recommend the HydroPro P23/32 swimming pool heat pump rated at 23kw output which heats up to 80 cubic metres. In comparison to alternative methods of heating by oil, gas and electric only, these systems offer extensive financial savings all year round. The high quality titanium heat exchanger offers long life resistance to salt and chlorine. This model operates down to an outside temperature of -7 degrees C covering the months from March to November. We also stock a range of water pumps and filter sets if required together with a bypass valve kit which fits most pipework sizes, which controls the amount of water flowing through the heat pump.

The HydroPro Inverter PX14/32 heat pump is suitable for all year swimming as it will operate in an outside temperature of -10 degrees C which makes this the ideal choice for the UK weather. The output available from these heat pumps is far better at lower temperatures when compared to many other pool heat pumps. We recommend that a bypass valve kit is installed to control the amount of water flowing through the heat pump and also our universal bypass kit which will fit most pipework sizes.

Saturn Sales staff are fully experienced in offering advice as to the most suitable swimming pool heaters to suit YOUR individual requirements, providing information on water supply connections, electrical supply and the types of pumps and filters required, together with comprehensive installation advice by telephone or email.