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9th June 2022 - Swimming Pool Cleaning

Saturn Sales have recently reported on the range of swimming pool heaters available from us which are a necessity, especially for outdoor pools, as we cannot rely on British weather.
Quite apart from the fun and exercise benefits of a swimming pool there is the necessary cleaning of the swimming pool!  

Here at Saturn Sales we recommend the Whaly Robot Swimming Pool Cleaner manufactured by Hayward which uses smartDrive® programming, sucking up everything in its path from microscopic dust to large debris particles. Not only is it a delightful ‘whale’ design but it quickly, quietly and efficiently covers every square inch of the pool in above-ground and all flat-bottomed pools. Whaly is easily installed and has a 9.6 metre hose.

Whilst the Whaly Robot Swimming Pool Cleaner looks attractive it very efficiently improves water circulation. We have ‘Whaly’ in stock and can deliver in one to two working days. If you prefer to clean your swimming pool manually take a look at our ranges of manual cleaning tools.