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Dec 22nd, 2010

Well....unfortunately no scandals to report from the staff Xmas Do, or none that I know about anyway.  The wine bill amounted to a few quid (!!) and, as a result, the MD had a bit of a headache the following morning, and our chief engineer (Simon) was actually pronounced dead upon his arrival home.  He has since made a miraculous recovery, and so our installations are going ahead at full pace.  Oh...and the Blog-Master's dancing was exactly as described - let's just say he won't be appearing on Strictly anytime soon.

If you have recently purchased a system/s off us, or if we have completed an installation for you, please pass our Company name on to your friends / neighbours / office next door ..etc. We are always happy to quote for new business, irrespective of the area of the country where you live.  'Supply only' orders can be delivered to most UK addresses within 2 working days, and we can usually install systems within 2 to 3 weeks maximum.

During the current climate where it is a tad nippy outside, it is appropriate to remind you that our systems are full heat pumps as well as air-conditioners.

Finally, Saturn Sales wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Howard (Office Manager).