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7th November 2011

Right, listen up you lot.  I've had a chat with Mystic Meg, swapped emails with Russell Grant, and I've been studying the tea leaves for a few weeks now.  I've also been studying the berries on trees and the co-axial directional flow of cowpats.  It's official - we are going to have a bad winter again this year.  Remember, you had it confirmed here first !! 

So, what better time to organise some new or improved heating in your house, office, warehouse, shop, salon, restaurant, holiday home, church, conservatory or canal boat.  We can supply everything for residential properties and small to medium size businesses.  In respect of combined heating and air-conditioning, we sell the full range of air-to-air heat pumps (wall-mounted, floor-mounted, ceiling mounted, ceiling cassette, ducted systems).  For purely heating purposes, we sell most types of heaters (industrial electric, commercial halogen, diesel/paraffin, propane gas, ceramic). 

And for aesthetic beauty and for keeping in touch with our heritage, we now sell a full range of cast iron / wood burning stoves.  These modern built, old-fashioned looking stoves really are the 'mutts nuts'.  Just imagine coming home on a cold winter day and roasting some chestnuts on the grill of your wood burning stove, whilst watching the flames flickering in the distance.  Throw in a glass of warm mulled wine, and it makes you wish winter was here already. 

If you need any assistance in deciding which is the best option for your property, then give us a call on 0161-4857907.  Alternatively, if you live in the Cheshire / South Manchester area, or are passing by, then why not pop into our showroom and have a look for yourself, at Big Storage, SK8 6PT.

Remember,  you had it confirmed here first !!

Howard (Office Manager).