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22 May 2012

Good news fans the yellow thing in the sky has made an appearance and it may stay around for a week.  It's all us Brits crave a bit of warmth from the yellow globe every now and again, and of course the chance to bear our milk bottle legs to other unsuspecting members of the public. There are I believe products to change you in one fell swoop from White to bronze and anywhere in between. I would caution though some of the cheaper products seem to turn you into the aftermath of a nuclear accident and into an orange tinted colour. (I see no reason why we can't offer lifestyle tips on the blog as well.)

If you do feel the need for some instant cooling we can offer you a few solutions. Well firstly what about a Fan to provide cooling, it's cheap and offers relieve. Ok you’re not satisfied with that and demand to spend more money, two options spring to mind. We sell a range of portable air conditioners, but remember the exhaust hose thing needs to go out of window etc. Another option is an evaporative cooler - I can read your thoughts already (what’s one of those) it's a form of cooling that doesn’t involve the hose thing out of the window. It's a cooling unit that blows air over a wet surface inside the machine to provide cool air - circa technology from the ancient Greeks but it works. Ok time to go life style tip 2. Always best to cook the sausages higher up on the barbie, your guests will prefer them cooked not just cremated on the outside.

Good Bye -Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.