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28 September 2012

Does anyone remember the Moody Blues song “forever autumn”, which probably sums up this time of year? Yet again the great British summer has been a great British disappointment. Thank goodness they invented those things called aeroplanes, so at least you can zoom off somewhere to find the sun.

If you are starting to feel the cold and considering digging out your long johns take a look at our heating products, many different models are available to suit all tastes as they say.  One of our best-selling makes is Clark who offers a range of heaters which are mainly suited for commercial use. For instance the Clarke propane space heaters are popular for heating industrial units with their clean high heat output, the Clarke 1250 model is a very popular middle range model. You can browse through the full range of propane space heaters to find the right one to heat your premises, or you can talk to us and we can recommend from the information you give the correct model. This will hopefully save you having to put on your long johns to early.