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15th January 2013

A belated happy new year to all the thousands of people that read the blog, only joking at the end of the day we can appreciate that reading such items can range from the interesting - to as exciting as doing the tax return. Well lucky you as I am now here to fill your day full of excitement. As a write to you we have encountered the first cold spell of weather this winter. we have a varied range of heating devices that will certainer stop you from getting to cold. In the top of the pops style I shall recommend to fine heating systems to you.

Number one - if you have a factory or workshop that your freezing you socks off (the polite way of saying it), you might want to consider one of our range of propane space heaters, they come in all sizes with varying heat outputs.

The second option if you not to excited about the first, take a look at out range of Mitsubishi wall mounted heat pumps, these are great for economically heating small to medium sized business premises.