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24th June 2013

As a slightly bonkers Brit who loves to go camping, but likes a few home comforts like an electric kettle (so much quicker than camping stove, even if you miss out on the reminiscent whistle!) or an electric fan heater for either taking the chill off the tent on the typical damp drizzly evenings or provide a waft of cooler air if like now we are experiencing what can only be described as a wee bit of summer but (and that is a big but) don’t want to be tied down to the rigidity of electric hook up pitches then I can only recommend a generator.

The Clarke IG2200 is a suitcase generator aimed at both the leisure and trade, so can be used on sites, market or car boot stalls (who doesn’t fancy a cuppa and maybe a bit of music to draw in the punters whilst either earning a living or making an extra few quid from the stuff you no longer want or need), camping & caravanning & boating to name just a few uses.

It is a powerful, portable and economical unit that will automatically monitor the output load and matches the engine speed accordingly resulting in a quieter and more efficient generator (it also increases lifespan and reduces operating costs and let’s face it at times like this we all need a bit of reducing costs).  The generator itself has a maximum output of 2.2kw, is a four stroke engine, has a 7litre fuel tank and has 7 hours running time and has 2 standard 13amp output sockets.  It should support all of your electrical camping needs although I normally draw the line at taking the microwave, TV and dishwasher in our tent.  Happy summer everyone