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30 August 2013

New Mitsubishi range of air heat pumps

Hello world, we have some exciting news in the world of heating & cooling......  Mitsubishi has launched 3 new systems in the budget range (replacing the existing budget range).  They have kept the same build quality & good energy efficiency, whilst continuing down the inverter pathway. These models replace the only two fixed speed systems that were still being produced by the company.

What can I tell you about purchasing one (or more) of these great products from us?  Well we offer 3 years warranty and even better you get to chat to Captain Scarlet aka John – he is always full of useless sorry useful technical information.

The units offer the best of both worlds in that they cool in the summer (no matter how short or sporadic they may be) and heat in winter (which in recent years has been bitter & frosty) – brrrr I feel cold even thinking about winter brrrrr.

The systems themselves are SRK25ZMP-S, SRK25ZMP-S and finally SRK50ZMP-S. All of the models over good heating performance with at least A rated efficiency in heating. So what are you waiting for – check these bad boys out & get in some serious heating and cooling going.