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18 October 2013

Hello readers well there are two things that you can be sure will be marching on, its time and the ever increasing cost of energy bills. As we have seen with this week’s rise in gas and electricity prices of nearly 10%. Of course as it’s now autumn, you have the “shall I put the central heating on dilemma”. This is the reason for the much greater interest in all things that can reduce your energy bills and save you money. You may wish to consider of our range of split heat pump systems to supplement your heating needs. We quite often find that people will invest in this technology to provide supplementary heating, reducing the need to put the main central heating system on. For instance one of the small multi split heat pump systems such as the Mitsubishi SCM45ZJ-S can offer heating from two indoor units. You could fit one of these in the lounge area and one in the hallway to provide background heating.

Other heating and keeping warm tips include wearing a woolly bobble hat and cardigan whilst watching the telly. Please be aware however you may have a knock on the door from the fashion police if you adopt such fashion practices.