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15th September 2017

Hi Everyone, after expecting to have sunshine, we’ve been hit by what feels like an early winter! So now is definitely the time to review air conditioning – heat pumps to keep your homes warm and snug. Here at Saturn Sales Limited, we are excited to tell you that we have the very latest heating system on the market. The LG standard plus wall mounted range covers model P09EN.NSJ 2.5Kw which is the smallest in the range and is suited for heating and cooling rooms up to 25 sq metres and at the price of £474.00 is excellent value. The next size is the LG P12EN.NSJ priced at £529.00 and is ideal for heating up to 35 square metres. The next size is the P18EN.NSK at £728.00. Features include automatic temperature and fan speed control with fast heating and cooling settings if required.

LG have developed the Chaos Swing air delivery system which means the air delivery mimics a natural breeze, making the air flow feel natural and comfortable to the human body. If anyone in the family suffers from allergies these are the systems for you as they have the most advanced filtration systems. These LG systems have high energy efficiency ratings. Among the many benefits is the way YOU can control the systems by the built-in Wi-Fi on the indoor units and remote control via an LG App via a smartphone.

The outdoor unit is corrosion protected which is of special benefit if you are living near the coast.  The indoor units also have an auto cleaning function. The LG range is equally efficient for either home or business use.

All things considered, the LG range is highly recommended by Saturn Sales Limited,so we know that you  can have that mug of comforting hot chocolate, tea or coffee and watch that dvd or sports programme, knowing that your home is warm and cosy.