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13th October 2017

Here at Saturn Sales we are pleased to say that we have a comprehensive range of Condensate Pumps. So we thought you might want have a look at some of the models which are ideal for condensate water removal in air conditioning systems

We have the Aspen Mini Aqua Condensate Pump which is the smallest pump available, pumping to a height of 8 metres at 14 litres per hour flow rate. At £70.00 provides excellent value for money.

The Aspen Mini Lime Condensate Pump Replacement Pack is silent running and includes an anti-siphoning device and is ideal for retrofitting in existing installations. £70.00.

The Aspen Mini Lime Condensate Pump with Trunking, which makes installation SO much easier than normal condensate pumps, as the pump and reservoir itself is built into the trunking elbow. £116.00.These latest models of the Aspen condensate pumps mentioned are also silent running which makes them ideal for installing in air conditioning systems in houses and apartments.