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Our Blog - Keep up with the fast moving pace of the air conditioning and heat pump world.  It's just like being in a James Bond movie - well not really!!

Hello everyone - Some of the more internet savvy members of staff thought it would be just the thing to start a Blog to let the world know about the goings on at our little empire. Well to be quite honest folks it sounded to me a bit like asking people to pay to watch paint dry, anyway who am I to halt the march of progress, I’m off to listen to some “Pink Floyd" on vinyl. We hope you enjoy the unfolding saga of the heat pump and air conditioning world in the coming months.

June 2024 Heating and Cooling Update

June 2024

So, Spring arrived in March, apparently, and meteorological  Summer started on the 1st June.

I think that we can all agree that the weather has been disappointing

However, we’re not surprised, and the fickle weather just reminds us how much we need adaptable heating and cooling systems in our homes to suit the ever-changing temperatures outside.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, LG, Fujitsu, and Panasonic are all established household names and ever evolving to provide you, the customer with the best of the best.

The range of products from each manufacturer is obviously too numerous to mention but head over to our pages for more info and to see which system would suit your requirements. As always don’t forget that that each system displayed also includes a PDF of the manufacturers brochure which will help you with any specific technical questions, or you can always contact us for any queries.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


31st January 2024 - Air Conditioning Tech

January 2024 Blog

A bit late we know but Happy New Year and we hope you’ve all managed to stay safe and well with the stormy January weather.

I can guarantee that most of us got some gadget or piece of tech for Christmas, and I just wanted to let you know that the Air Heat Pump Industry is no exception when it comes to technology.

As you would expect in this day and age all the larger and reputable manufacturers that we deal with have built in Wi-Fi on their latest models. However, even if you’ve had your unit for some time, it’s worth having a look at the Wi-Fi Adaptors that we stock as they might be compatible with your existing system, and you could take control via your smartphone or tablet.

Just look at our website to find out which ones we have in stock, and, as with nearly all the products we sell you can find out more info and about compatibility on the PDF Manufacturers Brochure’s that are attached.


Latest Update - 12th December 2023

Some of you may have noticed that this blog hasn’t been updated for some time, about eighteen months, actually. Apologies.

However, we have a pretty good excuse as we have been very busy moving premises from our Stockport base to Greenfield in th’hills of Saddleworth. If you ask people where Saddleworth is you’ll get a few different answers. It used to be part of the West Riding of Yorkshire but now has an Oldham post code which is part of Greater Manchester and of course Manchester was always in Lancashire, so you work it out.

Anyway, suffice to say we are still providing the best service we always have in the past and endeavour to give the best customer experience moving forward, you just have to look at our reviews which bear testament to that.

We are still partnered with the most reliable names in the industry and over the years have built up the best relationships with them which we are able to pass on to you the customer.

We have also added many new lines to our website, most of them Wi-Fi related reflecting today’s obsession with technology, but I’ll tell you all about them in next month’s blog.

In the meantime, we wish you all a very happy Christmas and a happy, healthy and wonderful New Year. read more...

14th July 2022 - Dehumidifier Ranges

Saturn Sales Limited provides a comprehensive range of air conditioning, both heating and cooling, and swimming pool heaters, cleaners and accessories which are selling like hot cakes! The heaters are ideal for our British weather for outdoor and indoor swimming pools. However much we are enjoying this hot weather it can cause problems with humidity both in the home, swimming pool room, and in the workplace.

If heavier duty humidifiers are required for business, commercial and industrial use, the UK manufacturer Broughton offers three heavy duty machines which are tough and have proven reliability gained from decades of experience as the primary range in many of the UK biggest disaster restoration fleets.

The CR40 Standard 240V version, has an extraction rate of 40 litres per day, with an extraction range down to 5 degrees C`. Tough powder coated framework. Options: Digital hour counter, automatic pump, Humidistat out dual voltage model. CR40 has a two year guarantee. The Broughton CR40 Dehumidifier Dual voltage (240v and 110v) is built to last and as it is built from sturdy powder coated steel, you can expect many years of rugged use. There are a number of options available for this model for an extra cost such as a digital counter, condensate pump to remove water. It has an extraction rate of 40 litres per day. Operating range is down to 5 degrees C. It comes with a two year guarantee.

The middle of the dehumidifier range is the CR70 240v which has a drying capacity of 70 litres per day. These compressor driven dehumidifiers will extract water down to an air temperature of 5 degrees C. The powder coated metal case is tough and robust enough to work in really difficult surroundings such as drying plaster in renovated houses or where flood damage has occurred in properties. And the two year guarantee ensures that this one of the best dehumidifiers on the market.

All these UK manufactured Broughton dehumidifiers are usually shipped in 24 hours.

Saturn Sales staff are happy to help you to choose the best model for your requirements. read more...

9th June 2022 - Swimming Pool Cleaning

Saturn Sales have recently reported on the range of swimming pool heaters available from us which are a necessity, especially for outdoor pools, as we cannot rely on British weather.
Quite apart from the fun and exercise benefits of a swimming pool there is the necessary cleaning of the swimming pool!  

Here at Saturn Sales we recommend the Whaly Robot Swimming Pool Cleaner manufactured by Hayward which uses smartDrive® programming, sucking up everything in its path from microscopic dust to large debris particles. Not only is it a delightful ‘whale’ design but it quickly, quietly and efficiently covers every square inch of the pool in above-ground and all flat-bottomed pools. Whaly is easily installed and has a 9.6 metre hose.

Whilst the Whaly Robot Swimming Pool Cleaner looks attractive it very efficiently improves water circulation. We have ‘Whaly’ in stock and can deliver in one to two working days. If you prefer to clean your swimming pool manually take a look at our ranges of manual cleaning tools.


5th May 2022 - Pool Heat Pumps

Saturn Sales staff are looking forward to the May Bank Holidays and the four-day Bank Holiday to celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee and thinking about what the weather will be like! Whatever the British Weather gives us won’t make any difference for people who have outdoor swimming pools because Saturn Sales provides a comprehensive range of Hydro-Pro Swimming Pool Heaters! Swimming pool heat pumps come in a variety of prices to suit every pocket, from the Hydro-S Eco range, the Standard range and the Inverter range.

The Eco A3/32 pool heat pump very economically heats pools up to 10 cubic metres (10000 litres) from May to end of August but are not suitable for colder temperatures in autumn and winter. For these months we would recommend the standard “P” series models which uses the newest environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant and includes a digital controller.

In the Standard range we recommend the HydroPro P23/32 swimming pool heat pump rated at 23kw output which heats up to 80 cubic metres. In comparison to alternative methods of heating by oil, gas and electric only, these systems offer extensive financial savings all year round. The high quality titanium heat exchanger offers long life resistance to salt and chlorine. This model operates down to an outside temperature of -7 degrees C covering the months from March to November. We also stock a range of water pumps and filter sets if required together with a bypass valve kit which fits most pipework sizes, which controls the amount of water flowing through the heat pump.

The HydroPro Inverter PX14/32 heat pump is suitable for all year swimming as it will operate in an outside temperature of -10 degrees C which makes this the ideal choice for the UK weather. The output available from these heat pumps is far better at lower temperatures when compared to many other pool heat pumps. We recommend that a bypass valve kit is installed to control the amount of water flowing through the heat pump and also our universal bypass kit which will fit most pipework sizes.

Saturn Sales staff are fully experienced in offering advice as to the most suitable swimming pool heaters to suit YOUR individual requirements, providing information on water supply connections, electrical supply and the types of pumps and filters required, together with comprehensive installation advice by telephone or email.

11th March 2020

SATURN SALES wishes all our valued customers a very Spring. With the abrupt changes in the weather our homes and commercial properties require heating and cooling systems which can adapt quickly to these changes of temperatures.  With this in mind, the Daikin FTXP25M wall mounted air heat pump offers highly efficient heating and cooling and will even offer heating down to low outside air temperatures down to -15 degrees centigrade. All functions are fully controllable via the hand held controller; there is also an optional Wi-Fi module that can be used with this system to provide remote control of the system. If you need to provide cost effective heating and cooling for rooms up to 25 square metres in size the Daikin FTXP25M is a good option.
TheLG MU4R27.U44 outdoor multi heat pump and air conditioner outdoor unit uses the latest inverter electronic control to give A++ rated energy efficiency in both heating and cooling mode. You can have up to 4 indoor units fitted to it, the indoor units being the LG’s stylish Standard Plus indoor wall mounted units. These indoor units have 4 operating functions which are heating, air conditioning, dehumidification and fan only mode to provide year round climate control. We also have full fitting kits available for these systems. Each indoor unit comes with its own fully functional controller with the added options of a fixed wall controller with Wi-Fi connectivity also available. The LG outdoor units have a gold fin coating to ensure long life anti-corrosion protection.
The Fujitsu Low Wall Mounted Air Conditioner –Heat Pump, AGYG09LVCA, has "A" class energy efficiency rating so these units are full heat pump and air conditioning models with the ability to heat and cool. The indoor unit has exceptionally low noise levels and comes complete with long life negative Ion deodorisation filters. It incorporates two fans and, on start-up, air is supplied through both the top and bottom of the unit. Once the desired temperature has been achieved, the lower fan stops and air continues to be supplied via the top only.
The new stylish Stylist model from LG, GO9WL.NS3 offers a heat pump and air conditioner that is completely different to anything else on the market. This Stylist indoor unit is only 121mm in depth and offers soft airflow from 3 sides, be it in heating or cooling mode. The stylish controller offers full control of the system including setting different LED mood lighting settings from the LED lights built into the indoor unit. If you want a stylish and contemporary heat pump and air conditioner take a look at the LG Stylist models.
In addition to these offer items, we sell a large range of systems from these firms and other major manufacturers, with delivery usually within 2 to 3 days from placing the order. We are happy to talk through the designs with you, to ensure that you make the best choice for your requirements.


10th December 2019

Saturn Sales provide top of the range of cutting edge air conditioning and heating for a wide range of premises: private, commercial and industrial. One of which is Carrier with over fifty years of heating and cooling technology, offering a wide range of products to control temperature wherever your need is.
The Carrier inverter high wall air conditioner and heat pump 42QHC009D8S is rated at 2.5kw/9000Btu. The wall systems offer a variety of features including the option of Wi-Fi control via an additional plug in dongle that just plugs into the indoor unit. Also featured is a sleep mode to maintain a comfortable temperature at night time and a very easy to use remote control. This model is suitable for controlling temperatures in a room of up to 25 square metres in size.
Carrier inverter wall model  42QHC018D8S is one of our most competitively priced 5kw air conditioners and heat pumps, with inbuilt turbo function to reach the set room temperature quickly, and a night time mode so that the system runs a quietly as possible so it won’t disturb sleep. This model comes with an easy to use remote control. Carrier has made it easy to add Wi-Fi via a plug in dongle. You can then download the Carrier app and operate the system from your smartphone or tablet device if required. The outdoor unit has wall brackets or floor blocks, just let us know which you prefer.
The Carrier inverter wall mounted air conditioner 42QHC024D8S includes a built in turbo cooling and heating function to reach the set room temperature quickly and has a night time mode so that the systems runs as quietly as possible to sleep is not disturbed. This system comes with an easy to use remote control and also features a plug in Wi-Fi plug us dongle. You can then download the Carrier app and operate the system via your smartphone or tablet device. Rated at 7.1kw this system is suitable for larger rooms up to 70 square metres in size.
The Carrier inverter heat pump 42QHC012D8S is ideal if you are wanting a wall mounted heat pump at a very competitive price, this model with 3.5kw/12,000 Btu output is definitely worth consideration. Built in features include a turbo function to reach the set room temperature quickly  with the easy to use remote control. This model also features the easy to use Wi-Fi functionality so you only have to plug in the dongle, so you only have to download the Carrier app and operate the system via your smartphone or tablet device is required.
All these systems are available with a special offer install kit (see options on the web page). This equipment should be installed by personnel holding FGAS Certificate. We recommend that you hire our Vacuum Pump Test Rig prior to commissioning the system to test the integrity of the pipework. This can be seen in the Fitting Kit section. Full fitting instructions are supplied. All models now use the latest R32 refrigerant.
 We can ship anywhere in Europe at very competitive prices, and details can be found under "Categories - Shipping to Europe".
 Our technical team are only a phone call or e-mail away to assist your choice of system most likely to meet your individual requirements.

26th November 2019

Saturn Sales' website shows the various portable air conditioning units with full heat pump capabilities which are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial premises, ranging from the smallest of office environments to larger restaurants, computer rooms and hospitals.  
The Broughton MCM230 delivers an impressive 6.7 Kw, 23,000 Btu of cooling power, with twin 150 mm cooling outlets this unit can cool two areas simultaneously, with the added benefit of running off a 13 amp plug. This industrial style model is ideal for the above mentioned uses. This model has a net weight of 86 Kg so can be placed anywhere for maximum versatility.  Competitively priced at £1870.00.
The Broughton MCM280 delivers and impressive 7.9 Kw, 28,000 Btu of cooling power, with triple 150 mm cooling outlets this unit can cool three areas simultaneously, with the added benefit of running off a 13 amp plug. This model has a net weight of 97 Kg. This industrial style model is ideal for the wide range of premises mentioned above. Competitively priced at £2181.00.
The Broughton MCM350 delivers an impressive 10.25 Kw, 35,000 Btu of cooling power. This reliable and rugged unit delivers cooled air via the grill at the front of the unit; and alternative distribution box can be fitted to the front allowing 4 different areas to be cooled up to 20 meters apart. It has a net weight of 134 Kg. Competitively priced at £3427.00.
The Broughton Mighty Cool range is the first name thought of by world wide leading Hire Companies, Facilities Managers and Events Management companies. Broughton design and manufacture their portable air conditioning units in the UK. The units come with a 2 year guarantee for parts.

16th July 2019

The Sauermann condensate pump model Si-10 is suitable for air-conditioning units up to 20Kw. With a built-in float chamber and new piston technology this pump is specifically designed for removing condensate water from air conditioning systems very quietly, with a high pumping rate and high maximum pumping height.
The high performance condensate pump from the manufacturer Sauermann model Si-30 is suitable for air-conditioning units up to 20 Kw. With a built in float chamber and new piston technology this pump is specifically designed for removing condensate water from air conditioning systems as quietly as possible with a high pumping rate and high maximum pumping height.
The Sauermann Si-82 tank pump is suitable for use in commercial heating applications and can remove condensed water from boilers up to 80C. Strong, the Si-82 tolerates charged, high temperature and acidic condensates up to pH 2.5 produced by gas condensing boilers. High performance - can discharge condensates up to 5m - Up to 500 l/h, for shorter running time - Low sound level, quiet operation Installation in any place Pump can be floor mounted, attached on a wall or hanging from a ceiling. Versatile Easily removable tank and reversible pump, to allow mounting rather on the left or on the right of the application and choosing the side of the water exit.

The Sauermann PE5200 peristaltic pump has two heat sensors and when the temperature difference reaches 6°C, the pump starts to operate. It stops three minutes after the temperature difference drops back below 6°C. It is easily installed and the replaceable head and the easy access peristaltic tube assure maintenance costs are kept to a minimum. It has a low noise level and has a high discharge head. When the temperature difference reaches 6°C, the pump starts to operate. It stops three minutes after the temperature difference drops back below 6°C.
The prices range from £89.00 to £406.00, offering excellent value for money.