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Our Blog - Keep up with the fast moving pace of the air conditioning and heat pump world.  It's just like being in a James Bond movie - well not really!!

Hello everyone - Some of the more internet savvy members of staff thought it would be just the thing to start a Blog to let the world know about the goings on at our little empire. Well to be quite honest folks it sounded to me a bit like asking people to pay to watch paint dry, anyway who am I to halt the march of progress, I’m off to listen to some “Pink Floyd" on vinyl. We hope you enjoy the unfolding saga of the heat pump and air conditioning world in the coming months.

May 25 2018

Saturn Sales were busy with heating systems but now, thankfully, we have SUNSHINE and WARM WEATHER! We are busy advising businesses and homeowners of the most suitable ventilation and cooling systems.  We supply the British built Broughton MB30 Cooling Fan in 240v and 110v models suitable for offices, workshops and industrial spaces. Although it is a powerful motor, the airflow of 6000 m3 per hour gives a very quiet flow. It has a variable fan speed and is a good, sturdy and safe purchase at £241.00. read more...

May 2 2018

Saturnsales provides a wide variety of systems which cover domestic home use including conservatories; commercial and industrial premises, and even the office or studio in the garden! The variety of heating/cooling system requirements has been highlighted as a member of staff’s daughter has a garden studio cum office and, like so many other people, has had to cope with the vagaries of the British climate – never easy at the best of times – but during this recent mixed up weather the modest building has had to cope with icy blasts and the worst wintry weather for decades, to the hottest Saturday in April for many years! So both heating and cooling have had to be provided and also dehumidification has had to be provided. The garden office or studio is becoming a very attractive addition to domestic premises as more people are able to work from home for their employer or, indeed, run their own business from home. It is now becoming popular to be able to control the variation in heat control required by an WI-FI App. For example the Remote Controller for Mitsubishi Electric PAR-33MAA priced at £95.00.
Saturnsales provides top of the market air conditioning systems, air heat pumps. The most usual type of system tends to be either single split wall mounted, or the smaller range of multi systems with two or three indoor units, connected to the outdoor condenser unit. .  All the major manufacturers including Mitsubishi, Panasonic, LG, Daikin and Fujitsu produce these systems.  Often there is not much to choose between them in price and it tends to be the additional features, which vary between manufacturers, that can be the deciding factor.  If you would like to contact us we can guide you through the different manufacturer’s heat pump and air conditioning systems. We provide fitting kits complete with installation instructions, which are supported by our Technical team who are on hand to assist with any queries. 

27th April 2018

Saturn sales have received queries for additional heating for premises ranging from domestic homes to offices, requiring extra heating appliances.  Now would be a good time to review the needs for basic and supplementary heating especially as it looks as though this coldest part of winter looks set for another spell.  Saturnsales supplies a wide range of air heat pumps, air-conditioning systems, swimming pool heat pumps (REALLY needed now!), and industrial heaters. We supply various makes especially the Daikin Inverter air conditioner, LG indoor units, Fujitsu low wall mounted air conditioner heat pumps, the Mitsubishi outdoor/indoor units and Panasonic Etherea heat pump air conditioning.  All are well-respected and reliable systems which will meet the needs of the chilliest person. We also provide fitting kits together with fitting manuals, backed up by our technical experts who will be only too pleased to support your qualified fitter.

4th April 2018

Saturn Sales Ltd is very appreciative of the repeat orders we have received from clients who have been satisfied and happy with the Air conditioning units for their home use and have chosen Saturn Sales to provide the heating units for their business premises. Admittedly one or two have been rushed to provide both new and back-up heating during this exceptionally bitter winter weather – hopefully there will be no more Beasts from the East to bite us and we can return to a more planned new or replacement air conditioning or free-standing back-up heating.  We supply a range of comprehensively priced units from the modest to the top of the range, including Mitsubishi, Daikin, Fujitsu, LG and Panasonic.  Our Technical team are always happy to help with advice and expertise to assist with any queries as to which is the most appropriate System for YOU, backed up by full fitting kits and instructions.  The Saturn Sales team is here to provide technical advice for installation should this be required. read more...

20th November 2017

Saturnsales have received queries about Swimming Pool Heating which might sound strange for the time of year but it is really something worth thinking about, especially if you desire to keep fit all year round and to make full use of your swimming pool at any time without being dependent upon the weather.

Saturnsales have been pleased with the Hydro-Pro range which offers Eco heaters for above-ground pools and most suited for summer use whilst the Hydro-Pro Standard range is for below-ground pools which for the hardy person operates down to -5 degrees for enjoyment through the summer until October. For year-round use the Hydro-Pro Premium+ range are for below-ground pools which suits temperature changes down to -10 degrees! These all come in different models to suit various sized swimming pools.

Saturnsales are also pleased with Dura Swimming Pool Heat pumps which are manufactured by Duratech, and are thought of as being the top of the market range. Dura offers the Eco heaters for above-ground pools, the Standard which covers temperature changes down to -5 degrees whilst the  Dura+ covers all-year round pool use down to –ten degrees. Dura is an European manufacturer so is very suitable for use in Europe and has a very reliable reputation.

Both Hydro-Pro and Dura have two-year warranties. We are confident that with the support of our experienced Saturnsales team, our knowledge of Swimming Pool installation options, electrical and water connections,pumps and filters, you can be assured that we will do our very best to assist you in your choice.

20th October 2017

Hi all today’s hot topic is our range of refrigeration controllers that we sell – Oh know I here you groan that’s exciting. Well it’s not always the most interesting stuff but it’s quite vital if you’re a small corner shop and you refrigerated display cabinet stops working because the controller stops working. We have in stock ready for next day delivery a wide range of controllers used on refrigerated display cabinets and chilled food counters. A good example is the Carel Easy Cool Refrigerator Controller very popular. Another popular model is the AC1-5 Multi-function universal Controller that can be retrofitted to a wide variety of fridge display units. If you need advice on as to which controller can be used in your equipment by all means give us a ring and we will be happy to help. read more...

13th October 2017

Here at Saturn Sales we are pleased to say that we have a comprehensive range of Condensate Pumps. So we thought you might want have a look at some of the models which are ideal for condensate water removal in air conditioning systems

We have the Aspen Mini Aqua Condensate Pump which is the smallest pump available, pumping to a height of 8 metres at 14 litres per hour flow rate. At £70.00 provides excellent value for money.

The Aspen Mini Lime Condensate Pump Replacement Pack is silent running and includes an anti-siphoning device and is ideal for retrofitting in existing installations. £70.00.

The Aspen Mini Lime Condensate Pump with Trunking, which makes installation SO much easier than normal condensate pumps, as the pump and reservoir itself is built into the trunking elbow. £116.00.These latest models of the Aspen condensate pumps mentioned are also silent running which makes them ideal for installing in air conditioning systems in houses and apartments.


15th September 2017

Hi Everyone, after expecting to have sunshine, we’ve been hit by what feels like an early winter! So now is definitely the time to review air conditioning – heat pumps to keep your homes warm and snug. Here at Saturn Sales Limited, we are excited to tell you that we have the very latest heating system on the market. The LG standard plus wall mounted range covers model P09EN.NSJ 2.5Kw which is the smallest in the range and is suited for heating and cooling rooms up to 25 sq metres and at the price of £474.00 is excellent value. The next size is the LG P12EN.NSJ priced at £529.00 and is ideal for heating up to 35 square metres. The next size is the P18EN.NSK at £728.00. Features include automatic temperature and fan speed control with fast heating and cooling settings if required.

LG have developed the Chaos Swing air delivery system which means the air delivery mimics a natural breeze, making the air flow feel natural and comfortable to the human body. If anyone in the family suffers from allergies these are the systems for you as they have the most advanced filtration systems. These LG systems have high energy efficiency ratings. Among the many benefits is the way YOU can control the systems by the built-in Wi-Fi on the indoor units and remote control via an LG App via a smartphone.

The outdoor unit is corrosion protected which is of special benefit if you are living near the coast.  The indoor units also have an auto cleaning function. The LG range is equally efficient for either home or business use.

All things considered, the LG range is highly recommended by Saturn Sales Limited,so we know that you  can have that mug of comforting hot chocolate, tea or coffee and watch that dvd or sports programme, knowing that your home is warm and cosy.

30th July 2017

How about heating your pool

Hi Everyone, It`s Spring! Get Ready For Your Summer! The house extension is finished, the economic heating installed, and now we are weighing up the size of the garden.  Dreams are coming true, we are having a swimming pool ! The only company we considered for the pool heating is Saturn Sales who did such a bril job on the heating for our home.  Saturn Sales provide a varied range of heaters for homes, offices, workshops and even pools (for either home or investment properties) and have been our first choice for price and prompt service. read more...

31st October 2016

Want a heater for the winter?

Well, it's that time of the year again - Halloween, Bonfire Night, and late Autumn when it starts to turn a little colder.  The recent spell of warm October weather is supposed to end today, with reduced temperatures now forecast.  Why not beat the weather and order the new or replacment heater for your business today.  We sell all types of heaters - fan, diesel, propane gas, infra red, halogen, ceramic.  Just call us on 0161-485-5588 if you need any advice on the type / size for your business premises.  If we have your heater in stock, delivery is usually next day.

Alternatively, if you are looking to heat your office premises, then we sell a vast range of economical, environmentally-friendly air source heat pumps from quality manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, LG, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Daikin, Hitachi.  We also sell the appropriate Fitting Kits that include everything your installation engineer will need to install the system.  Again, we are available to give advice should you need it. 

Beat the inevitable rush - order today.