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Our Blog - Keep up with the fast moving pace of the air conditioning and heat pump world.  It's just like being in a James Bond movie - well not really!!

Hello everyone - Some of the more internet savvy members of staff thought it would be just the thing to start a Blog to let the world know about the goings on at our little empire. Well to be quite honest folks it sounded to me a bit like asking people to pay to watch paint dry, anyway who am I to halt the march of progress, I’m off to listen to some “Pink Floyd" on vinyl. We hope you enjoy the unfolding saga of the heat pump and air conditioning world in the coming months.

30 August 2013

New Mitsubishi range of air heat pumps

Hello world, we have some exciting news in the world of heating & cooling......  Mitsubishi has launched 3 new systems in the budget range (replacing the existing budget range).  They have kept the same build quality & good energy efficiency, whilst continuing down the inverter pathway. These models replace the only two fixed speed systems that were still being produced by the company.

What can I tell you about purchasing one (or more) of these great products from us?  Well we offer 3 years warranty and even better you get to chat to Captain Scarlet aka John – he is always full of useless sorry useful technical information.

The units offer the best of both worlds in that they cool in the summer (no matter how short or sporadic they may be) and heat in winter (which in recent years has been bitter & frosty) – brrrr I feel cold even thinking about winter brrrrr.

The systems themselves are SRK25ZMP-S, SRK25ZMP-S and finally SRK50ZMP-S. All of the models over good heating performance with at least A rated efficiency in heating. So what are you waiting for – check these bad boys out & get in some serious heating and cooling going.

31 July 2013

Hello bloggers! Greetings once again from sunny Cheshire.  I can’t quite believe that the sun is still shining – apart from sounding really old; it reminds me of childhood summers that seemed to stretch throughout the whole of the summer holidays and those last few weeks before breaking up for summer when we had classes outdoors.  But over the last few summers, it just seems to be warm & sticky.  The upstairs of our house has been unbearable and sleep has been difficult leading to very grumpy people.  Since placing a free standing air conditioning unit on the landing it has been like a breath of fresh air (literally) the landing and all bedrooms have become bearable once more and sleep has been restored.

24th June 2013

As a slightly bonkers Brit who loves to go camping, but likes a few home comforts like an electric kettle (so much quicker than camping stove, even if you miss out on the reminiscent whistle!) or an electric fan heater for either taking the chill off the tent on the typical damp drizzly evenings or provide a waft of cooler air if like now we are experiencing what can only be described as a wee bit of summer but (and that is a big but) don’t want to be tied down to the rigidity of electric hook up pitches then I can only recommend a generator.

The Clarke IG2200 is a suitcase generator aimed at both the leisure and trade, so can be used on sites, market or car boot stalls (who doesn’t fancy a cuppa and maybe a bit of music to draw in the punters whilst either earning a living or making an extra few quid from the stuff you no longer want or need), camping & caravanning & boating to name just a few uses.

It is a powerful, portable and economical unit that will automatically monitor the output load and matches the engine speed accordingly resulting in a quieter and more efficient generator (it also increases lifespan and reduces operating costs and let’s face it at times like this we all need a bit of reducing costs).  The generator itself has a maximum output of 2.2kw, is a four stroke engine, has a 7litre fuel tank and has 7 hours running time and has 2 standard 13amp output sockets.  It should support all of your electrical camping needs although I normally draw the line at taking the microwave, TV and dishwasher in our tent.  Happy summer everyone

15th February 2013

Hello fans of our blog, here we are once again and it’s Friday. Britain’s most popular dish will be bought in its millions no doubt tonight (Chicken Tikka Masala) a nice bottle plonk, and the hire of a video to watch on telly. As you can see I am off a certain age and remember that ritual. I bet Blockbuster wishes we are still in the age of going out to hire videos. They say its all progress but from experience ask an under 30 to navigate around Britain without a Satnav, and they wouldn’t have a clue (No Reading is not next to Inverness)

Anyway enough of this, I’m not here to waffle but to try and persuade you lot to buy some of our tantalising heat pump and air conditioning products. Yes its exciting I know. Now if you have one of those glass things bolted to the side of your house you might be interested in this offering, the Fujitsu AGYF09LA floor mounted air conditioner and heat pump. Not only will it keep the glass thing bolted to the side of your house warm in winter, but it can also cool when you have the one day of summer due in 2013.

This week’s romantic tip! Never forget valentines again, why not invest in 12 plastic red roses. After the great event just store them in the loft and a quick hose down each year. This marvellous annual gift is sure to endear you to your beloved.

1st February 2013

Well here we are in February and I hope all you people that said you were going to give up something pleasurable for January, stuck to it. Yahoo it’s the 1st of February so I can once again have a glass of wine. Just in case you are looking for a bestselling book for your partner for a birthday maybe, we have the ideal solution. You can download our free Heat Pump Guide and present this to them gift wrapped of course.

Our heat pump guide covers fascinating subjects such as how they work and how heat pumps can be run more efficiently. I word of caution though we suggest you supplement this fantastic present with a little extra present, maybe a weekend away in Monte Carlo. Today's relationship advice: Always node your head in agreement and just do what you were going to do anyway.

15th January 2013

A belated happy new year to all the thousands of people that read the blog, only joking at the end of the day we can appreciate that reading such items can range from the interesting - to as exciting as doing the tax return. Well lucky you as I am now here to fill your day full of excitement. As a write to you we have encountered the first cold spell of weather this winter. we have a varied range of heating devices that will certainer stop you from getting to cold. In the top of the pops style I shall recommend to fine heating systems to you.

Number one - if you have a factory or workshop that your freezing you socks off (the polite way of saying it), you might want to consider one of our range of propane space heaters, they come in all sizes with varying heat outputs.

The second option if you not to excited about the first, take a look at out range of Mitsubishi wall mounted heat pumps, these are great for economically heating small to medium sized business premises.


28 September 2012

Does anyone remember the Moody Blues song “forever autumn”, which probably sums up this time of year? Yet again the great British summer has been a great British disappointment. Thank goodness they invented those things called aeroplanes, so at least you can zoom off somewhere to find the sun.

If you are starting to feel the cold and considering digging out your long johns take a look at our heating products, many different models are available to suit all tastes as they say.  One of our best-selling makes is Clark who offers a range of heaters which are mainly suited for commercial use. For instance the Clarke propane space heaters are popular for heating industrial units with their clean high heat output, the Clarke 1250 model is a very popular middle range model. You can browse through the full range of propane space heaters to find the right one to heat your premises, or you can talk to us and we can recommend from the information you give the correct model. This will hopefully save you having to put on your long johns to early.


22 May 2012

Good news fans the yellow thing in the sky has made an appearance and it may stay around for a week.  It's all us Brits crave a bit of warmth from the yellow globe every now and again, and of course the chance to bear our milk bottle legs to other unsuspecting members of the public. There are I believe products to change you in one fell swoop from White to bronze and anywhere in between. I would caution though some of the cheaper products seem to turn you into the aftermath of a nuclear accident and into an orange tinted colour. (I see no reason why we can't offer lifestyle tips on the blog as well.)

If you do feel the need for some instant cooling we can offer you a few solutions. Well firstly what about a Fan to provide cooling, it's cheap and offers relieve. Ok you’re not satisfied with that and demand to spend more money, two options spring to mind. We sell a range of portable air conditioners, but remember the exhaust hose thing needs to go out of window etc. Another option is an evaporative cooler - I can read your thoughts already (what’s one of those) it's a form of cooling that doesn’t involve the hose thing out of the window. It's a cooling unit that blows air over a wet surface inside the machine to provide cool air - circa technology from the ancient Greeks but it works. Ok time to go life style tip 2. Always best to cook the sausages higher up on the barbie, your guests will prefer them cooked not just cremated on the outside.

Good Bye -Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.

11 May 2012

Hello the world Captain Scarlet here. You need to be of a certain age to appreciate the said captain, in the days when TV was far simpler. From memory the Mysterons consisted of someone shining a torch on to a plain background to give the scary effect of the unseen force, well it scared me anyway. Of course these were the days when the biggest possible telly you could get was 22” and if you wanted remote control that would consist of someone with a long stick, pushing the chunky buttons on the front of the telly from the sofa.

Going off on a complete tangent we have some good news people, we have started selling the Broughton range of fans (those things that blow air out), yes I can see you’re falling over with excitement. As we’ve said before we like the boys and girls at Broughton as there down to earth types and a British company that actually makes something in this country. Now these are not some “Big Girls Blouse” types of fan, but well engineered things with lots of oomph. The range starts at the Broughton MB30 model, right up to the MB2000 Unit. So if you have a cooling or ventilation requirement take a look at these models.

Good Bye -Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.

1 May 2012

You always know in good old blighty once they say were in a drought it's not going to stop raining. It's certainly been the case for April this year, well I suppose it would be a bit boring if the sun shines every day, if only I here you say. Obviously were here to try and persuade you to buy millions of pounds of our marvellous goods so one thing you might want to consider is one of our wall mounted heat pumps and air conditioners. So where might one stick this marvel of modern technology, steady sailor. Well those glass things that us Brits like to bolt to the side of the house, yes the conservatory are ideal living spaces for an air source heat pump and air conditioner. You can heat and cool cheaply to your hearts content, so you can use your glass room all year round.

Good Bye -Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.