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Our Blog - Keep up with the fast moving pace of the air conditioning and heat pump world.  It's just like being in a James Bond movie - well not really!!

Hello everyone - Some of the more internet savvy members of staff thought it would be just the thing to start a Blog to let the world know about the goings on at our little empire. Well to be quite honest folks it sounded to me a bit like asking people to pay to watch paint dry, anyway who am I to halt the march of progress, I’m off to listen to some “Pink Floyd" on vinyl. We hope you enjoy the unfolding saga of the heat pump and air conditioning world in the coming months.

3rd March, 2011

A mad ramble from the blog master !!

Heat pumps – The best thing ever invented, or another passing fad that’s over hyped? Well, picture those young Wright brothers when they took to the air with their flying contraption. Most people who had never even seen a car let alone this machine that took you off the ground must have thought that this will never catch on. Now I’m not saying that heat pumps will change our life, as probably air travel did, but things take a while to catch on as they say, and so will heat pump technology. It also sometimes takes a combination of circumstances to drive technology in a certain direction, so let’s take the little island where I live Great Britain as an example. Even 10 years ago there was plentiful cheap gas from the North Sea, throw in some coal and nuclear power - so why bother with this heat pump technology? I can heat my house without breaking the bank anyway.

Now travel forward 10 years in Doctor Who’s tardis and things have become slightly different. Hardly any gas left in the North Sea with most gas supplies coming from some pipeline snaking its way across Russia. Now i'm not saying that our Russian cousins will be unreliable, but as Scotty probably once said “there’s too many things to go wrong here, Captain”. So hence heat pumps enter stage left as the next great thing to save money and give you an affordable way to heat your house.

Like most things when people are trying to sell them, and heat pumps are no exception, you tend to focus on the positives and conveniently forget about any downsides the product may have. Take that time when you’ve bought your new car and tried to replicate the fuel consumption figures. Maybe with a breeze behind you, and you going slightly down hill, and no heavy accelerator foot, you might achieve the figure. It's very much the same for energy efficiency figures for heat pumps.

You will often see that a certain heat pump has a COP of 4, so what does this mean to the man in the street? All he wants to know is – can I heat my house for less using heat pumps or shall I stick to what I already have and know. So what is this magical COP value figure? Energy out versus energy in basically, so this COP value of 4 means for every 1 unit of electrical energy you put in you get out 4 units of heat energy. Marvellous I hear you say, these heat pumps are the best invention ever after all.

Ok, so before we all get carried away about heat pumps and fall asleep this is the slight catch. The energy efficiency is determined by how cold it is outside for an air source heat pump, and the amount of energy that can be absorbed into the system decreases as the outside temperature decreases. As Mr Scott definitely said “you cannot defy the laws physics, Captain”. So to re-cap everyone, yes heat pumps are very good, but don’t expect them to change your life or make you more attractive to the opposite sex. read more...

1st Feb, 2011

It's......the February Sales.

Yes, we know that most retailers have their sales in January, but we at Saturn Sales like to be different. Now you've bought your half-price chinos or your 'little black number' for this year's party season, it's time to look out for some real bargains in the Saturn Sales 28-day sale. We've slashed the prices of many of our popular lines, especially the wall and floor-mounted systems that are ideal for residential homes, conservatories and small to medium size offices. You will find good reductions to many Mitsubishi and Fujitsu single split, and multi-split, systems.

For example, for those that are budget conscious, the baseline Mitsubishi SRK28HG-S wall-mounted 2.6kw system can now be purchased for a ridiculous £336 including VAT. The larger 3.5kw SRK40HG-S is only a tad dearer at £380 including VAT. These prices are cheaper than the majority of portable air-conditioning units, with the wall-mounts being much more effective for both heating and cooling.

Or how about a multi-split system where one outdoor condenser unit services two indoor units (eg. one in the lounge and one in the master bedroom)? Prices start from as low as £1,302 including VAT for a Mitsubishi system.

Have you got a conservatory? Does it need heating whilst the weather is still nippy, or cooling during the long hot summer (he says hopefully!!) ahead of us? Then look no further than a Fujitsu wall-mount with prices between £502 and £813, depending upon the size of the conservatory.

There are many more bargains that can all be found on our website, and all internet purchases come with a 5 year parts guarantee - please browse at your leisure.

We have also just introduced the Panasonic range of air conditioners/heat pumps. They are sleek, ultra quiet, have the latest pollen filters and obviously come with a brand name associated with quality.

If you need your system installing for you, rather than pick a name out of the yellow pages, why not let us do it for you. We install throughout the mainland UK, and we can usually install within 1 to 2 weeks of you placing the order. We can advise you on the optimum type and size of system for your requirements, and we can give you a firm quote same day by return email or telephone call. If we install the system you get a 5 year guarantee on all parts and labour.

Hurry, there are only 28 days in February!!

Howard - Office Manager


Jan 18th, 2011

Well folks, we hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year, and we trust that you are all now into diets and fitness videos following the holiday excesses !!

Business continues to flourish here at Saturn Sales, with numerous enquiries flooding in, and we have recently quoted for air conditioning / heat pump installations in offices, depots, factories, boardrooms, shops, medical centres, dentist surgeries and churches - as well as residential homes.

With regard to residential homes, now is the time to start thinking about air conditioning / heating for your conservatory. As the days start to get lighter then you will find that you are using the conservatory more often, but you will still require heating to take off the chill during the early Spring months. An added benefit of installing now is that your air conditioning requirement for the Summer is taken care of, before the annual stampede for installations in May to July.

For those of you that own a holiday home, either in the UK or in Europe, now is also the optimum time to start thinking about air conditioning / heating, especially if you 'let out' your property over the course of the year. Recent studies have shown that, when people are searching online for holiday properties, one of the first boxes they tick is 'Air Conditioning'. You will find that asking us for advice and then buying quality systems of us will be much cheaper than buying abroad. We can also send them out direct to your holiday home in Europe for a shipping fee of just £145 including VAT.

We are just waiting for your call: 0161-4857907.

Howard - Office Manager


Dec 22nd, 2010

Well....unfortunately no scandals to report from the staff Xmas Do, or none that I know about anyway.  The wine bill amounted to a few quid (!!) and, as a result, the MD had a bit of a headache the following morning, and our chief engineer (Simon) was actually pronounced dead upon his arrival home.  He has since made a miraculous recovery, and so our installations are going ahead at full pace.  Oh...and the Blog-Master's dancing was exactly as described - let's just say he won't be appearing on Strictly anytime soon.

If you have recently purchased a system/s off us, or if we have completed an installation for you, please pass our Company name on to your friends / neighbours / office next door ..etc. We are always happy to quote for new business, irrespective of the area of the country where you live.  'Supply only' orders can be delivered to most UK addresses within 2 working days, and we can usually install systems within 2 to 3 weeks maximum.

During the current climate where it is a tad nippy outside, it is appropriate to remind you that our systems are full heat pumps as well as air-conditioners.

Finally, Saturn Sales wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Howard (Office Manager).


Dec 10th, 2010

Well Ladies & Gentlemen, let me apologise for our lack of blog updates.  Moving to a new website and all the 'palaver' associated with it has meant that the poor blog has been sidelined somewhat.  Anyway, it's up to us to resurrect the beast and continue with our fast moving story.

We certainly have seen a shift in the last month towards customers contacting us for the heating benefits our our systems - as you well know, most of our products are full air source heat pumps.  I can understand why, as I'm getting a bit fed up of de-frosting the car every morning.  Being a bit of an anorak, I've been monitoring the performance of our fitted heat pump at home during the cold weather, and I have to report that the beast is up to the job, even when it got down to -12*C at night.

Well, we have our annual social highlight coming up this Saturday......the Saturn Sales Xmas Do, with any talk of heat-pumps or air-conditioning being banned for the night.  The function is a dinner dance, and so the blog-master is looking forward to dancing to those Christmas standards such as 'Come on Eileen!'  I like to adopt a free-form dance style with lots of arm waving, which increases as the red wine consumption increases, much to the embarrassment of all.  It's lucky that my 13 year-old daughter won't be there, as she would no doubt die of embarrassment.

Anyway boys & girls, we shall keep you informed in the next installment of any scandal that might have occurred at the annual extravaganza.



June 22 2010

Summers Here - You have to agree when the sun shines Britain’s a great place to be, trouble is it never seems to last though. As you can imagine the world of aircon and heat pumps has become exceptionally busy over the last month or so with our portable air conditioning units flying of the shelves like the proverbial hot cakes. A warm welcome to the latest addition to the team Dan who has recently started as a Trainee air Conditioning Engineer, Dan lists his hobbies as music and drowning maggots not at the same time though he tells us.

Well the install teams have covered a few miles the last few weeks in the pursuit of word air conditioning domination from the north down to the south east and lots of places in between. We even had an install in a place called “Hinton In The Hedges”, yes folks that’s not a made up name honest.

Quotations in the Big Smoke takes up a fair bit of our time and as you can imagine us friendly northern folk always find the habits of the frantic London set quite amusing, so here’s a few observations, and do and don’ts when traveling between quotes on the tube.

  • The inhabitants of the big smoke are insular animals when traveling and may find it alarming and perceive you as the mad axe man if you suddenly engage them in random conversation on the tube- (nice weather were having, what football team do you support?) would come into this category.
  • When traveling along the escalators always stand on the right, wow betide you if you stand on the left admiring the view, as you may delay one of the local inhabitants by one nano second traveling to his next appointment.
  • The oyster card thing won’t fit into the normal ticket slot as hard as you might try to jam it in. Place it on top of the yellow mushroom thing on top of the barriers, and magically they open.

May 7 2010

Operation Anglesey - Well here we are in May and it feels like March, the Blog Master gave the barbecue its first outing recently but I can assure you avid readers it wasn’t a shorts and tee shirt occasion. Maybe it’s that volcanic thing happening in Iceland that’s making us cold and disrupting our flights to Torremolinos and other far flung destinations. Well we had an installation first last week with our first install to sunny Anglesey to a commercial customer – Rehau, who manufacture a wide range of plastic and polymer products. The install in question involved a couple of the ever popular Mitsubishi Electric 3.5Kw wall mounted air conditioning units.

Our air conditioning engineers generally enjoy their trips away, not for the shy though as the install teams get to stay in a twin bedded room, “Premier Inn’s” being our chain of choice as the fried breakfast always goes down well in the morning. Anyway over the coming weeks I thought we could teach you all some air con lingo so here’s the first installment.

  • Muffin Heist – One of the engineers creates a commotion at breakfast whist the other steals the mini muffins from the breakfast selection.
  • Swop – An engineering term when the engineers pleased with the bend he’s achieved on the air conditioning pipework.
  • You cannot defy the laws of physics captain – Open arrival at the customers site the engineer finds the customer enquiring whether the aircon pipework can be re- routed three times the distance.

April 19 2010

Simon's a happy boy - Our new engineer Simon is a happy chap having bought him a Sat Nav he’s now happy to conquer the roads of Britain with the reassuring tones of the little lady in the plastic box on the dashboard. Now then some of us of a certain generation remember doing geography at school and learning about yak farming in the Himalayas and where Skegness is. (First person to tell me where Skegness is gets 10% of an install)It seems these days though it is not a pre-requisite to know where you're going as long as you have the lady in the little plastic box telling you.

Well Simon has put his new toy to good use, thought we would start by not scaring him to much and keeping him close our international headquarters in Manchester (Well we quite like it). As we go to press though Simon has ventured to such exotic locations as Colchester for the fitting of some multioutput heat pump systems and to Bushey in Herts for the fitting of our ever popular Mitsubishi Hyper inverter systems. In fact we've even had a customer in France asking if we can install some systems air conditioning heat pumps their. Now obviously it would be un-professional of us to let Simon loose in France to be corrupted by red wine and mademoiselles, so the blog master reserves the right to go on that one.


April 12 2010

Long Winter - After the long winter finally gave way to spring we made our appearance at the Homebuilding and Renovation show at the NEC from 18-21 March. Well if you had a truck load of money you certainly could have blown that over the few days at the NEC with all manner of gadgets. Personally I have never seen the need for talking remote control curtains, but obviously there must be a market for them. We took the stand on Thursday morning in anticipation, waiting for the great British public to come through the doors and regale them with our range of heat pumps and air conditioning products. Well it certainly was a busy and successful time and we did learn a number of things. There is still a lot of confusion with the public regarding heat pump technology and what it can and cannot do, so we hope we demystified some of the technology with the many customers we spoke to. Some of the Key things we learnt also at the show we're!

  • It is not possible to speak to customers whilst trying to consume a 12" ham & salad French stick
  • The price of bottled water at the NEC obviously means it's hand drawn by dusky maidens at the foothills of the Himalayas
  • It is a very bad idea to have a curry full of chillies when appearing on the trade stand he next day