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Our Blog - Keep up with the fast moving pace of the air conditioning and heat pump world.  It's just like being in a James Bond movie - well not really!!

Hello everyone - Some of the more internet savvy members of staff thought it would be just the thing to start a Blog to let the world know about the goings on at our little empire. Well to be quite honest folks it sounded to me a bit like asking people to pay to watch paint dry, anyway who am I to halt the march of progress, I’m off to listen to some “Pink Floyd" on vinyl. We hope you enjoy the unfolding saga of the heat pump and air conditioning world in the coming months.

April 19 2010

Simon's a happy boy - Our new engineer Simon is a happy chap having bought him a Sat Nav he’s now happy to conquer the roads of Britain with the reassuring tones of the little lady in the plastic box on the dashboard. Now then some of us of a certain generation remember doing geography at school and learning about yak farming in the Himalayas and where Skegness is. (First person to tell me where Skegness is gets 10% of an install)It seems these days though it is not a pre-requisite to know where you're going as long as you have the lady in the little plastic box telling you.

Well Simon has put his new toy to good use, thought we would start by not scaring him to much and keeping him close our international headquarters in Manchester (Well we quite like it). As we go to press though Simon has ventured to such exotic locations as Colchester for the fitting of some multioutput heat pump systems and to Bushey in Herts for the fitting of our ever popular Mitsubishi Hyper inverter systems. In fact we've even had a customer in France asking if we can install some systems air conditioning heat pumps their. Now obviously it would be un-professional of us to let Simon loose in France to be corrupted by red wine and mademoiselles, so the blog master reserves the right to go on that one.


April 12 2010

Long Winter - After the long winter finally gave way to spring we made our appearance at the Homebuilding and Renovation show at the NEC from 18-21 March. Well if you had a truck load of money you certainly could have blown that over the few days at the NEC with all manner of gadgets. Personally I have never seen the need for talking remote control curtains, but obviously there must be a market for them. We took the stand on Thursday morning in anticipation, waiting for the great British public to come through the doors and regale them with our range of heat pumps and air conditioning products. Well it certainly was a busy and successful time and we did learn a number of things. There is still a lot of confusion with the public regarding heat pump technology and what it can and cannot do, so we hope we demystified some of the technology with the many customers we spoke to. Some of the Key things we learnt also at the show we're!

  • It is not possible to speak to customers whilst trying to consume a 12" ham & salad French stick
  • The price of bottled water at the NEC obviously means it's hand drawn by dusky maidens at the foothills of the Himalayas
  • It is a very bad idea to have a curry full of chillies when appearing on the trade stand he next day