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heat pump guide

We offer a range of solutions for commercial air conditioning, with air conditioning heat pumps offering many benefits to commercial customers.  With this type of technology you can reduce your electricity bills by up to 65% compared to electric heating with, of course, the added benefit of providing cooling for your staff during the summer months.

All the manufacturers that we stock have extensive ranges of commercial air conditioning systems.  As we are not tied into any particular manufacturer we can give you unbiased advice so that you end up with the most appropriate and cost effective models, and practical solutions. You can ring Saturn Sales on 0161 477 8080.

Businesses are increasingly finding that they need to keep a tight grip on company expenditure, so spending money on installing air conditioning is not always seen as a priority.  In fairness it is a valid point.  If you can open a window why spend thousands of pounds on an air conditioning system. As a result, the market place is changing and the products available are evolving. 

Most of the products available in the market place now are energy efficient, reverse cycle type heat pump systems, rather than being purely classed as air conditioning.  We believe that this alters how you should think about the capital expense involved.  These systems, with their cost effective heating capabilities, enable a business to save money on their heating bills if the system is replacing an old inefficient heating system.  They also have the benefit of being able to cool in the summer if needed.  So, rather than buying what you might think of as a commercial air conditioning system, you are in fact buying something that offers monetary savings on your heating bills.

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