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heat pump guide

You should be able to enjoy your conservatory in year round comfort and air conditioning heat pumps make this a reality. Yes, they cool in summer but you may not realise they can also heat in winter! In fact, they are up to 4 X more energy efficient than using conventional electric heaters, working down to external temperatures of -15°C.

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fujitsu air conditioning unit High wall-mounted units are an ideal choice for many conservatories. These are available in a range of outputs from 7,750btu up to an impressive 27,000btu. Filter options available on some models will remove pollen & dust down to the smallest size so you remain comfortable.
mitsubishi aircon unit

Low wall air conditioning units are great alternatives if fitting high wall units are impractical. Just as energy efficient as their high wall cousins, this stylish form of unit will fit onto most dwarf walls.

aircon unit

They may look like normal low wall units but these advanced units from one of europe's premier manufacturers are totally self contained, meaning that there is no separate outdoor compressor unit. See these units at our online www.