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Dec 10th, 2010

Well Ladies & Gentlemen, let me apologise for our lack of blog updates.  Moving to a new website and all the 'palaver' associated with it has meant that the poor blog has been sidelined somewhat.  Anyway, it's up to us to resurrect the beast and continue with our fast moving story.

We certainly have seen a shift in the last month towards customers contacting us for the heating benefits our our systems - as you well know, most of our products are full air source heat pumps.  I can understand why, as I'm getting a bit fed up of de-frosting the car every morning.  Being a bit of an anorak, I've been monitoring the performance of our fitted heat pump at home during the cold weather, and I have to report that the beast is up to the job, even when it got down to -12*C at night.

Well, we have our annual social highlight coming up this Saturday......the Saturn Sales Xmas Do, with any talk of heat-pumps or air-conditioning being banned for the night.  The function is a dinner dance, and so the blog-master is looking forward to dancing to those Christmas standards such as 'Come on Eileen!'  I like to adopt a free-form dance style with lots of arm waving, which increases as the red wine consumption increases, much to the embarrassment of all.  It's lucky that my 13 year-old daughter won't be there, as she would no doubt die of embarrassment.

Anyway boys & girls, we shall keep you informed in the next installment of any scandal that might have occurred at the annual extravaganza.