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heat pump guide

June 22 2010

Summers Here - You have to agree when the sun shines Britain’s a great place to be, trouble is it never seems to last though. As you can imagine the world of aircon and heat pumps has become exceptionally busy over the last month or so with our portable air conditioning units flying of the shelves like the proverbial hot cakes. A warm welcome to the latest addition to the team Dan who has recently started as a Trainee air Conditioning Engineer, Dan lists his hobbies as music and drowning maggots not at the same time though he tells us.

Well the install teams have covered a few miles the last few weeks in the pursuit of word air conditioning domination from the north down to the south east and lots of places in between. We even had an install in a place called “Hinton In The Hedges”, yes folks that’s not a made up name honest.

Quotations in the Big Smoke takes up a fair bit of our time and as you can imagine us friendly northern folk always find the habits of the frantic London set quite amusing, so here’s a few observations, and do and don’ts when traveling between quotes on the tube.

  • The inhabitants of the big smoke are insular animals when traveling and may find it alarming and perceive you as the mad axe man if you suddenly engage them in random conversation on the tube- (nice weather were having, what football team do you support?) would come into this category.
  • When traveling along the escalators always stand on the right, wow betide you if you stand on the left admiring the view, as you may delay one of the local inhabitants by one nano second traveling to his next appointment.
  • The oyster card thing won’t fit into the normal ticket slot as hard as you might try to jam it in. Place it on top of the yellow mushroom thing on top of the barriers, and magically they open.