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heat pump guide

May 2 2018

Saturnsales provides a wide variety of systems which cover domestic home use including conservatories; commercial and industrial premises, and even the office or studio in the garden! The variety of heating/cooling system requirements has been highlighted as a member of staff’s daughter has a garden studio cum office and, like so many other people, has had to cope with the vagaries of the British climate – never easy at the best of times – but during this recent mixed up weather the modest building has had to cope with icy blasts and the worst wintry weather for decades, to the hottest Saturday in April for many years! So both heating and cooling have had to be provided and also dehumidification has had to be provided. The garden office or studio is becoming a very attractive addition to domestic premises as more people are able to work from home for their employer or, indeed, run their own business from home. It is now becoming popular to be able to control the variation in heat control required by an WI-FI App. For example the Remote Controller for Mitsubishi Electric PAR-33MAA priced at £95.00.
Saturnsales provides top of the market air conditioning systems, air heat pumps. The most usual type of system tends to be either single split wall mounted, or the smaller range of multi systems with two or three indoor units, connected to the outdoor condenser unit. .  All the major manufacturers including Mitsubishi, Panasonic, LG, Daikin and Fujitsu produce these systems.  Often there is not much to choose between them in price and it tends to be the additional features, which vary between manufacturers, that can be the deciding factor.  If you would like to contact us we can guide you through the different manufacturer’s heat pump and air conditioning systems. We provide fitting kits complete with installation instructions, which are supported by our Technical team who are on hand to assist with any queries.