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One of the most popular applications for the use of air source heat pumps is to use them for all year round temperature control of conservatories and extensions especially in London. Modern conservatories have far greater thermal insulation properties compared to the old style builds. So it makes sense to utilize them to their full potential, for instance enjoying breakfast in your conservatory on a frosty morning  in heat pump mode, or just relaxing on a warm summers evening with them set to air conditioning cooling.

All the major brands we market Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and LG offering models suitable for use in conservatories with low wall mounted systems being the most popular.

Our Customer in North London extended their living room with a conservatory style extension and therefore was looking for an efficient all year round heating and cooling solution. The model we choose was the Fujitsu “A” class efficiency 5.2Kw system heat pump model AGYV14A. This sleek unobtrusive model at only 600mm high is ideally suited for mounting on to a conservatory low wall.

Disruption of fitting was kept to a minimum with power taken via a fused spur from a local socket circuit, with the outdoor condenser unit located on the edge of the wall to keep its visual impact to the minimum.

Our customer tells us they are delighted with the system in the summer months the air conditioning provides comfortable cooling, whilst in heat pump mode in winter the system provides comfortable levels of heat.

Working from home during the winter months the customer used the system to heat the living room and conservatory with the main gas central heating turned off. This provided comfortable working conditions whilst producing significant energy cost savings.

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