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heat pump guide

Our residential customers these days tend to choose to fit air source heat pumps and air conditioning systems to heat their homes, rather than cool them.  Bear in mind these systems have the capability to undertake both modes with an added dehumidification function.  The most common types of systems that are fitted into residential properties tend to be either single split wall mounted systems, or the smaller ranges of multi systems with two to three indoor units connected to the outdoor condenser unit.  All the major manufacturers including Mitsubishi, Panasonic, LG, Daikin and Fujitsu produce these systems.  Often there is not much to choose in price and it tends to be the additional features, that vary between manufacturers, which can be the deciding factor.  If you would like to contact us we can guide you through the different manufacturer’s heat pump and air conditioning systems.

Typical applications for the models that are suited to domestic uses are climate control in conservatories, cooling for bedrooms and especially heating and cooling for garden offices as these become more popular as an increased number of people work from home.

If you take the garden office for example, most of these structures are between 15 to 30 square meters in size, and require year round heating with the occasional usage of cooling mode during the summer months.  If you used a 3kw fan heater to heat the premises this would cost approximately £2.70 per day in electricity, running for 6 hours per day.  Basing this on a 5 day working week it would cost you £54.00 pounds per month to heat the office.  Most of the wall mounted heat pumps that we sell, the Fujitsu ASYG12LMCA model as an example, will be on average 3.5 times more efficient to run compared to the fan heater, saving you around £38.00 per month in running costs.  If you consider the typical 3.5kw wall mounted system costs around £650, it will have paid for itself in around 18 months.

There are other benefits to these systems compared to other forms of cooling and heating for the home, such as the filtration systems that some of the models have built in.  Many people these days suffer from allergies such as hay fever, with summer nights proving to be uncomfortable.  If you take the Panasonic Etherea wall mounted systems as an example, this particular model range has an ionisation filter deigned to trap tiny airborne particles, such as pollen spores.  You could set this system to run an hour before going to bed and it would filter the air in the room and remove contaminants from the air such as pollen spores, to allow you to have good nights sleep.

Our top selling makes Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and LG have full UK parts and service back up centres, to give you the peace of mind that if something does go wrong in the future your problem can be speedily resolved.

Heat pumps are an ideal choice for a conservatory, offering cooling in summer and efficient heating in winter.  An added benefit is their ability to remove excess moisture from the area, thus solving any condensation problems.

One of the key benefits of the latest generation of heat pump systems is their energy efficiency in heating mode.  To be quite honest, we in Britain have been slow to realise the benefits of this technology, and the positive effect on climate change and our pockets that this type of technology can deliver.

Wall mounted air conditioning units are the most common type of systems to be fitted into houses, with many styles available to choose from.  If you’re looking for something that has more of a stylish, look compared to the standard white wall mounted system, take a look at either the LG Artcool Mirror systems or the Mitsubishi Electric Zen models.  If you lean more towards the contemporary look, then the LG Artcool Stylist is unique.  The indoor components that make the unit work are pretty much the same as other units but this is where the similarities stop, with the mirror & Zen models having a real modern look to them which will grace any home.

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wall air conditioning

High wall-mounted units, be it single or multiple units.  Models in this style are extremely energy efficient and quiet in operation, with excellent filtration.

ducted air Conditioning

For the discreet look, where minimum visibility of the installation is required, a ducted air conditioning unit could be installed.

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