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Amici Restaurant Italian restaurant on Holloway road north London is a popular with many customers for its fine Italian food. The restaurant located on a busy road became extremely warm during the summer months leading to the front door having to be left open causing problems with traffic noise and pollution; hence a year round climate control system was needed.

We attended for a site visit to see how we could achieve the owner’s goal off providing year round comfort for the customers and staff. One obvious difficulty in fitting a heat pump air conditioning systems to the premises was the layout with the restaurant, over 20 meters in length with the only practical space for the outdoor condenser units being the backyard. This could only be reached by routing the pipework additionally through the food preparation areas and kitchen. Cassette style aircon could not be fitted so the only option was to fit wall mounted systems, but with a pipework run of nearly 30 meters this ruled out a lot of systems. We choose to fit four Mitsubishi Heavy Industries heat pumps model SRK63ZE-S because of their long pipework run specification and quietness.

Installing the systems was a challenging assignment to provide a neat and practical installation. Working with a local builder we routed the pipework through false bulkheads to keep the character of the restaurant intact, and avoid unnecessary use of trunking. The finished installation provides year round comfort for customers and staff with air conditioning available in the summer and by switching the system to heat pump mode in the winter providing heating to the restaurant. Another good bye product is the system also acts as a dehumidifier removing excess moisture from the air in high summer (If we ever get one) to keep humidity at a comfortable level.

The engineers tell me they serve the best cappuccino in London

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