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heat pump guide

September 6 2018

Saturnsales has been inundated with queries and orders for air conditioning units and ventilation systems and dehumidifiers! Great news for us, as the main reason for our business is to provide a reliable, competitive, prompt and resourceful service to our valued customers. A big “thank you” to our clients for their repeat orders.
We can supply a Whaly Robot Swimming Pool Cleaner (priced at £174.00) which is at fun shaped “whale” design for above-ground pools and all flat bottomed pools, utilising SmartDrive programming technology; covering all areas of the pool, with a 9.6 metre hose. It sucks up dust and debris. Improves water circulation, and is easily installed and a bonus is that is has silent operation.  We think that this is an excellent addition to assist families in the general maintenance of their property.
We also supply Swimming Pool Pump Filters. The Hydro-Fit FSU-8P @ £172.00 Swimming Pool Water Pump Filter. The Mega FSF350-6W @ £276.00 Swimming Pool Pump Filter Set. Mega FSF400-6W Swimming Pool Pump Filter @ £332.00. Mega Swimming Pool Pump Filter Set @ £355.00. Lastly, the Swimming Pool Water Pump Filter Set Mega FSF500-6W @ £429.00. Any of these Swimming Pool Filters would assist the health and safety of all who play or swim at your home pool or indeed at an Health Spa.