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Target Plant Hire - Colchester

Target Plant Hire - Based in Colchester Essex is a family run business providing plant hire and allied services to the building and services sector. Their primary concern was to provide heating to their offices and showroom areas. Have talked to the customer we decided that a good system to install to meet their requirements was the Mitsubishi SCM series multioutput heat pump systems. With these systems you can run a number of different styles of indoor units of one outdoor condenser units. Another reason for picking these systems and their suitability for small to medium offices in heating mode is their high COP ratings, up to 4.3 making them very energy efficient.

The installation team attended for a couple of nice and sunny spring days to complete the install. As the engineers will tell you it certainly makes for a more pleasant experience when it’s dry rather than pouring with rain. As you can see by the pictures below Target Plant Hire now have fully air conditioned offices to provide cooling in the summer and heating in the winter.

Mitsubishi condenser unit Mitsubishi multi unit wall aircon
Mitsubishi heat pump indoor air con unit indoor heat pump unit
Target Plant Hire Pictures